"house of cards" returned to Netflix with another binge-worthy fifth season. The Netflix original gave fans 13 intense episodes following the 2016 election and the ICO hostage crisis. Frank Underwood battled it out with rising Republican star Will Conway with the election coming down to three states — Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee.

While it's still early days in terms of renewal news, fans are wondering whether "House of Cards" will return for season 6. This is the first season since the departure of the series showrunner and creator Beau Willimon.

The fifth season garnered mixed reviews; however, it is likely that the long-running series will bring strong ratings to Netflix and get the green light for a sixth season.

Is Leanne Harvey Dead?

Neve Campbell's LeAnn Harvey made a deal with Jane Davis, portrayed by Patricia Clarkson, to become Claire Underwood's Chief Of Staff in exchange for everything she knew about NSA contractor Aidan Macallan. However, soon after Mark Usher advised Underwood to appoint a more experienced Chief of Staff leaving Harvey in the cold. After acquiring the files on Macallan, Frank Underwood declares that LeAnn has outlived her usefulness and he is later seen watching an impending attack on Harvey on her way to Doug Stamper's apartment.

Her death is not shown, we only see the car wreck in the season finale. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Neve Campbell is asked directly whether her character is dead: "I can’t talk about that," the actress replies and Michael Kelly, who plays Doug Stamper adds the following: "You even saw my body, and Doug still came back."

Claire Underwood and Frank's Fate

Claire made an unprecedented rise to power in "House of Cards".

With Frank facing almost certain impeachment, he resigned from the role of President leaving the office to Claire in an agreement that she exonerates him for all of his crimes. Claire was hesitant despite giving her husband her word that she will see it through.

In the final scene of season 5 of "House of Cards," Claire looks into the camera and declares that it is her turn.

It seems like Frank's gamble did not pay off, setting up a feud between the couple in season 6. Frank goes as far as stating that he will kill Claire if she doesn't exonerate him. A sixth season will likely have a release date sometime in 2017.

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