Chumlee who found wealth and fame through Pawn Stars has learned a lot from his mentor Richard Harrison. Aside from acting, Austin Lee Russell a.k.a. Chumlee developed a love for business because of the example of the older Harrison. Now the famed customer assistant of the Gold And Silver Pawnshop has new business venture.

Chumlee got a business opportunity while on the show

The pawnshop later became the set of a reality TV show and as its popularity increased, Chumlee grabbed the opportunity to put up a business. It was a novelty shop that also sold T-shirts. Later, part of the business was bought by Richard Harrison and continues to this today.

While his career grew in in "Pawn Star," his net worth consistently increased until he was able to purchase a huge home and several expensive vehicles. He owned a collection of sneakers but later sold them through eBay. The 34-year-old reality star is now worth $5 million as per Celebrity Net Worth.

His latest investment is a candy store named Chumlee’s Candy on the Boulevard located at the Pawn Plaza owned by the Harrisons. It is a medium-sized shop that can cater to a dozen customers at a time according to Chewboom. It is beside Rick Harrison’s Rick’s Rollin BBQ and Tavern. Rick is Richard Harrison’s son and the father of Corey.

The Harrisons' influence inspired Chumlee to be enterprising

Chumlee’s association with the Harrisons who are like family to him developed in him an enterprising spirit.

Richard Harrison is the man who gambled on opening a pawnshop along Las Vegas Blvd. In 2008, an offer came from Brent Montgomery and Colby Gaines of Letfield Pictures for a TV series. “Pawn Stars” was born making the Gold and Silver Pawnshop its main location.

Russell, while at the top of his career, experienced the biggest blow in his life when a pawnshop employee accused him of sexual assault.

The case did not prosper in court. In the course of gathering evidence for the case, the police made a search at Chumlee’s home. They discovered several guns and drugs including drug paraphernalia. He was booked for 20 felony cases involving drugs and one for possession of guns. He posted a bail for $62,000 and was able to make a plea deal that led to his three-year probation.

The reality star is now redeeming his life and his career. Along the way, he is also into investing money and his most recent project is the candy shop. Chumlee is a fast learner. He learned to do business while filming for “Pawn Stars.” He also learned that there is so much to life than drugs and guns.

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