The long wait is over as Frank Underwood and the gang is finally back to continue the journey of this character in "House of Cards" Season 5 slated to premiere on May 30. The fictional POTUS, played by Kevin Spacey, is expected to step up his game to remain in the highest, of course, with the help of his supportive wife, Claire Underwood.

'We make the terror'

The newest installment of the political series promised a more exciting plot for its fifth run. In fact, viewers were shocked when Robin Wright's character broke the fourth wall during the final moments of "house of cards" Season 4.

Despite her complicated relationship with Frank, the first lady is expected to play a crucial role in his battle to remain seated at the White House.

In the trailer video of "House of Cards" Season 5, the US president promised to extend his term to provide the Americans what they need. Similarly, Claire promised to protect their people in a separate teaser video. Aside from playing the supportive wife, Wright's character is also running as Frank's vice president. The tandem will go against Will Conway's party.

The presidential hopeful, played by Joel Kinnaman, is considered a threat to the Underwoods despite his lack of experience. Conway, unlike Frank, has established a good reputation and fan base among the American voters.

But if you're an avid viewer of "House of Cards," you would know that Spacey's character is not an easy contender.

In fact, Frank would do anything to get what he wants even if it means killing those who are blocking his way. Viewers saw how he murdered Peter Russo and Zoe Barnes in seasons one and two, respectively.

Stranger or Reality?

Since the American political drama premiered in February 2013, the Beau Willimon creation became one of the most controversial series of all time. "House of Cards" drew more attention after Spacey's character was likened to US President Donald Trump.

The veteran actor, however, emphasized his show does not intend to mirror real-life politics.

Instead, "House of Cards" would like to offer an alternative world to those who want a breather from the crazy world of politics.

Despite their intention to be different from the reality, Spacey admitted there were a number of scenes from the program which actually happened in real life. The 57-year-old celebrity clarified their show did them first, contrary to reports stating that they copied those from the current administration.

Catch "House of Cards" Season 5 on Netflix starting May 30.