The Netflix series "house of cards" never fails to make fans go insane with mind-blowing incidents. With the intimidating personality of Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) and his wife Claire (Robin Wright), other characters in the series went under too many pressures. Some suffered from emotional, physical, and even dreadful consequences from this power couple. Among those characters include LeAnn Harvey portrayed by Neve Campbell. It appears that goodbye will overflow for the Underwood Chief of Staff.

Character preview

LeeAnn Harvey initially worked for Claire's House seat campaign in Texas.

Eventually, her duty brought her to the White House. As it is a known fact, Underwood employees are always expected to work harder. LeAnn is subject under extreme challenges of her job. Because of her work, she made things to manipulate an election and even worse, left her friend during the time when she is direly needed.

LeAnn met Aidan Macallan (Damian Young), a hacker. Their encounter involved more than just the field of their professions. In fact, they were previously involved in a scandal. However, in the end, LeAnn still chose her bosses and this brought her to the White House as a chief of staff, which was just short-lived. When she was fired, she decided to go to Doug with the gun used to kill Aidan.

It was just so unfortunate of her not to even reach her destination. Frank cleverly watched the wrecked car of his former Chief of Staff after being run off the road. To add thrill, her body was not found.

Is the ex-chief of staff still alive?

In a recent interview with EW, Neve Campbell shared her thoughts about her character and the series.

Since the plot of is about politics, Neve thinks that the recent political situation in the country is making every citizen emotional. The actors and production staff can be expected to continually create episodes reflecting the real world.

Neve describes LeAnn as a person capable of taking anything in front of her way. Absolutely, she is ready to fight.

She finds her character and Michael Kelly’s so fantastic because they have the same purpose and things to accomplish.

Though she plays the role of LeAnn Harvey, Neve Campbell admits that she does not have any idea whether LeAnn is really dead or alive. She added that every time they receive the script for the series, they have no hint of what would happen to their character. For Neve, it is a good thing that the characters in the "House of Cards" slowly reveal parts of themselves. When it comes to LeAnn, doing a gradual revelation of her character will provide viewers a more established personal journey.