Fans were shocked in the last episode when Savitar's prophecy came true. Barry and Team Flash came up with a plan to stop Savitar by stealing an alien technology to power-up Tracy Brand's "Speed Force Bazooka." However, Savitar was one step ahead and had the Philosopher's stone to counter-act the effects of Barry's weapon.

Barry Allen's worst nightmare came true when Savitar kills Iris by plunging a knife into her chest. "The Flash" episode 23 is the final episode of season 3 and Barry looks to battle Savitar in an epic showdown.

The last episode titled: 'Finish Line' air date is in two days on May 23.

CW has renewed "The Flash" for season 4, and it will not feature a speedster villain.

'Finish Line' Promo

The promo for episode 23 of "The Flash" shows a distraught Barry and Joe mourning Iris's death. The trailer teases a hopeless Team Flash while Savitar declares "Today, I become a god," as Killer Frost looks on. "The Flash" executive producer Andrew Kreisberg teased the season finale in a chat with Entertainment Weekly.

He told the publication that fans should prepare for an epic battle between Savitar and Barry; however, Kreisberg reveals that the fight will not go down the way fans expect. Savitar is a Future Barry, and he is created when Barry makes time remnants of himself. Future Barry should know all of his past moves but fans can expect the unexpected, according to the executive producer.

Fan Theory On Iris

Some fans of "The Flash" are struggling to accept Iris has died and have come up with some theories. Some fans think that Team Flash managed to trick Savitar and Iris is not dead. The only way Savitar is created is if Iris dies. H.R brought a face-switching technology device from his Earth, which Barry used to infiltrate the A.R.G.U.S.


Joe may have sacrificed himself to save his daughter. Iris also gave Joe her engagement ring to return to Barry, which would have given Joe the opportunity to wear the ring, along with the face changing tech. In the future scenario of Iris's death, it was H.R on the roof with the gun; however, in the last episode, Joe was on the roof.

Some fans speculate that it is Iris on the ceiling while Savitar has the real Joe. The switch may have happened when Wally was fighting Savitar, which provided the distraction. Wally eventually got wounded, but Joe and Iris could have quickly changed faces during the battle.

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