Looks like Jordan and Chelsea will get closer in the new episode of the "#young and the restless." Jordan will try and open up to Chelsea as he will let her know more about his concerns.

Jordan will admit that due to Juliet's sexual harassment lawsuit, Lily might get hurt and that is what he is really worried about. In addition, he is also doubting Cane's story.

Jordan's True Feelings For Lily

Due to Jordan's protectiveness, Chelsea will start to ask if Lily is really just a friend for him or something more. This will result in Jordan being very uncomfortable and unable to immediately answer the question.

Will Jordan finally spill the beans? He might #confess that he has feelings for Lily. He might also deny it and just move on, especially with what Cane is doing with his life. However, whatever Jordan will say, Chelsea will still suspect that his feelings for Lily will get bigger and stronger.

Victoria will not be pleased with everything that is going on, especially with Juliet pulling Brash and Sassy into the scandal. With Juliet reaching her limits with Victoria, she will reach her breaking point with her and he will finally unleash the anger she's been holding in.

What will Victoria try and do? Will she start to point fingers at everyone involved?

The True People Behind

Meanwhile, with the security footage coming to light, Billy will blow his cover regarding the deception of Cane.

Since things will not be easy on them, Billy will start to wash his hands clean of the situation before Leslie. And the security footage will tell a different version of the things that happened in Tokyo.

"#Young and the Restless" spoilers suggest that Billy will start to push Victoria to settle before another truth comes out. What are the other truths that will be out?

In addition, Cane will finally answer why his behavior was like that on the fateful night. With Lily confronting him about the video and insisting the truth to come out from her husband's mouth. Cane, while scrambling to explain his side of story to her wife, might just let himself out.

The big question is: Will Cane provide her the real story or will he just weave things out to cover all the dirty deeds he did?

Of course, honesty is the best policy, especially when it comes to couples but it is really tough to know what is going on in Cane's mind.

However, with the bad choices that he's making, Cane might find himself in a major mess. #majormess

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