If you are like me, you are severely saddened and equally excited for the final episode of Pretty Little Liars. We've laughed, cried, and screamed through so much with these girls. We've been through murders. funerals, engagements, broken hearts, and way too many scary texts from A. We are promised all of the answers on Tuesday, but will we really get them? Do you even remember all of the questions you have? We've gone though a lot of "A" characters together, but every time we find out who is under the black hood, a new strange terror emerges. Seriously, how have we not all snapped?

What I love most about this show is the heart that comes along with the shock. For example (Spoiler Alert!): Mary Drake taking the fall for Archer's murder to save Spencer. Talk about sacrifice for your daughter!

What's going to happen to the liars?

We all get that Mary took the fall for them, but is Tanner really about to give up the chase on them? She seemed pretty done with them last Tuesday, but we've heard that before. The liars still have plenty to be arrested for, like lying to police, hiding evidence, or let's say driving around with a dead body? And what about Mona..that poor girl finally snapped. If I'm going to admit to killing someone, thought, I would admit it to the liars too because we all know they take care of their own.

And we better get some fairy tale endings for these girls and their relationships. These boys have been through a lot for those girls, and now there's a baby in the mix too? There better be some happiness there.

Who in the world is A.D.?

I am dying (no pun intended) to find out who A.D. is. There are so many great PLL theories out there and it seems like every article I read makes me realize there's someone I didn't think of.

Let's be real though, it's one of 3 options:

1. It's one of the girls/one of their significant others

2. It's a Family Member

3. It's someone we haven't seriously even considered

I would not be surprised if it's someone I haven't even thought of seriously being A.D., because this show always seems to surprise me. I love the shock that always seems to be thrown in there (Hello Charlotte/Charlie!).

We've been warned that it's someone we heard said before though, and I feel like all of you have seriously weighed your options. Could it be one of the girls? Aria and Spencer keep looking very suspicious if you ask me. All I can say about that it, let's pull a Bony and Clyde and bring the s/o down with you! I could seriously handle A.D. being Caleb a lot better if Hannah is in on it with him. My favorite theory is that it's a family member. Spencer's dad is seriously suspicious...and so is Melissa for that fact. Maybe this sin't the most believable theory, but it's my favorite because it's so twisted and interesting! Either way, we're about to find out Tuesday! And we're promised a lot of flash backs and answers!