Cane Ashby decided to be one of the good guys on "The young and the restless." He settled down from the ways of his youth, married Lilly Winters, and has twins. Cane was hired by his stepmother Jill to work at Brash and Sassy. Now that his co-worker Victoria owns the company, Cane feels his accomplishments will not obtain a due reward. He has decided to sabotage fellow employee Billy in order to improve his chances of a promotion.

Jill Abbot on a mission

Jill is married to Cane's father, Colin. She loves her stepson, but adores her own son Billy much more.

Jill believes Billy and his ex Victoria Newman belong together. She purchased Brash and Sassy and hired the trio to come together. Later, Victoria outbid Cane and purchased the company from Jill. Cane is angry and believes Billy will be shown favor. He thinks his co-worker gets away with slacking, so he has decided to double-cross him -- and Billy has given Cane the ammunition he needs.

Some time ago, Billy began having an affair with his brother Jack's wife, Phyllis. They broke it off, and Billy was getting close to Victoria again. Due to a misunderstanding, Billy gave up on his ex and began seeing Phyllis again. Cane read a text Phyllis sent asking Billy to meet her in the company elevator.

Cane made sure Victoria was there when the elevator door opened.

She saw the couple kissing, and it broke her heart. Jill has been out of town during these last two months. She has no idea what has been taking place, or how devious Cane has become. When Ms. Abbot returns, she will no doubt attempt to finish what she started, and reunite her son with his former wife.

Jill will do all to get Billy and Victoria back together again.

Cane's mutiny

Not only has Cane tried to sabotage Billy and Victoria's personal life, he wants to hurt Billy by causing issues within the company as well. Last week the Brash and Sassy crew traveled to Hollywood. Cane paid someone to edit footage to show Billy talking to baseball players about gambling.

It was a joke and never should have aired. Now, it looks as if the big deal is off, and the company is out of money.

On Friday, Victoria was trying to get to the bottom of why the wrong footage was shown. Cane was smiling because he believes Billy will be fired, and he can have his rightful place at Brash and Sassy. Fans of "The Young and the Restless" want Billy and Victoria to reunite, but if it happens it will not be any time soon. Cane should watch out, because he has a secret that Billy may find out about and reveal.