Abby Lee Miller is best known to the world for her work on the Reality TV series "Dance Moms" where she ran the Abby Lee Dance Company. Her approach and teaching methods were known to be abusive to the children and often times she reduced her students to tears. The star left "Dance Moms" in March and it has since been revealed that she is going to prison.

Why is Abby Lee Miller going to jail?

The "Dance Moms" star is heading to prison because of her involvement in bankruptcy fraud. Miller attempted to hide a total of $775k in income from shows including "Dance Moms" and "Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition." Other projects are also said to be tied to this fraud.

Miller is set to go to jail on June 30th.

Miller will be serving a sentence of one year and a day and has stated that she is terrified of the prison environment. Following the conclusion of her prison sentence, she will also undergo two years of supervised watch. However, this is not the only sentence Miller has received. She will also have to pay $120,000, along with an additional $40,000.

What is the former 'Dance Moms' coach doing with her last week of freedom?

Miller was seen on Wednesday at the Olive Garden as she met up with friends for a final goodbye. The star went for a massage and then on to shopping as she relished her temporary freedom. It is clear that Abby is trying to do the things that she enjoys before serving her sentence.

The star does not yet know which prison she will be headed to, but she does seem to have a certain preference for both Victorville and Apple Valley, both in California. The star stated that she has to remain busy to keep going on. Miller has admitted in the past that she is terrified of going to prison and is doing the best she can to distract herself from the impending date.

As for those wondering about the show, "Dance Moms" is set to continue without Miller, with season 8 premiering on Lifetime on August 1. Abby is to be replaced by Cheryl Burke who now has a permanent position on the show, and Laurieann Gibson, a temporary coach. Miller has since admitted that she regrets everything, and some fans of the series were surprised regarding the long sentence Abby received.

Abby Lee Miller is due to return to "Dance Moms" for her final farewell -- to both the show and the dancers. Teasers for the episode have been released. The former "Dance Moms" star reflected on the impact she had on her students and the regrets that she has.