Billy Abbot and Phyllis Newman are misfits. She has failed marriages with both Jack Abbot and Nicholas Newman. Billy is the youngest child of John Abbot, who never seems to measure up to the success level of his half siblings. He also has been married and divorced several times from Victoria Newman. Not long ago, Billy and Phyllis had an affair, while she was still married to his brother Jack. For months both have been trying to make amends to family members, and go in a separate direction, On Tuesday, Phyllis and Billy wound up in each other's arms one more time.

Victor Newman strikes again

The root of all things evil on "The Young and the Restless" is of course Victor Newman. He was responsible for kidnapping Jack, and replacing him with an impostor. Phyllis was sleeping with this man for months and had no idea he was not her husband. Victor also had Billy kidnapped and put in jail in a foreign country, with no concern for his daughter Victoria who was worried about her husband. These events set the stage for a series of unfortunate incidents that led Billy and Phyllis into an illicit affair. Now the long arm of Victor Newman has struck once more. Billy is back in her bed.

Nikki, Victoria, and Nick found out that Victor brought crazy Chloe back to town, and together framed Adam for murder.

This made Victor partially responsible for Chloe later blowing up the cabin with Adam inside. Nikki, Vicky and Nick decided to keep the dirty little secret, but issued Victor some ultimatums. One of them was being barred from the 16th birthday party of Victoria's son Reed.

Since he could not attend, Victor had a brand new car delivered to his grandson.

Victoria was livid, and so over the top that Billy sensed something more was going on, When he pressed her for details, Victoria screamed at him and put him out. Billy ran into Phyllis, and the two ended up at her place, and in bed. After months of watching Billy and Phyllis do all they could to stay away from each other, "The Young and the Restless" fans are disappointed that these two are at it again.

The same old song and dance

Victoria has been torn between her loyalty to her father, and her budding new relationship with Billy. She and her ex have come to a place where they are enjoying each other. In one move, however, all may be lost. Victoria is regretting how she talked to Billy, and now realizing she wants a relationship with him. He, at the same time, is considering that he cannot live up to her standards. At the end of today's episode she asks for another chance, and he responds that things should stay as they are. This is a continuation of how things always end up for these two. And, ironically, Phyllis is telling Michael that she and Billy may have a future together.