Hillary Curtis has been looking for months for a way to get even with her former sister-in-law Lilly. Hillary is tired of Lilly's constant nagging and always putting her down. Now, Hillary is taking advantage of a situation with Juliet and using it to make Lilly's life miserable. "The Young and the Restless" is about to shake up some things and the fallout will be big for the Ashby family.

Hillary is manipulating Juliet and Cane for her own purposes

Hillary overheard Juliet and Cane admitting that they had a one night stand. She manipulated Juliet into admitting the truth while a tape was running.

Hillary took the tape to Lilly pretending it was footage from the Brash and Sassy Hockey League commercial shoot. Cane was suspicious because Juliet told him Hillary knew they spent the night together so he disposed of the tape.

When Hillary realized her plan did not work she went on to a new one. She suggested that Juliet file charges of sexual harassment because Victoria fired her from Brash and Sassy. Julie and Cane were drunk on Sake when they ended up in bed together. Initially, Cane did not even remember that anything happened between them.

Juliet was the last person hired at Brash and Sassy, and also the one who allowed the footage of Billy joking about gambling with two hockey players to go uncensored.

This makes the lawsuit pretty baseless but Hillary is out for blood. She wants Lilly and Cane to suffer as much as she has. This is why she is encouraging Juliet to seek revenge.

Cane and Lilly are about to be blindsided

Cane has been irritated with Billy as a co-worker for a long time. He wants Victoria to see that Billy is a screw-up and fire him.

Cane was the one who rushed the footage of the hockey commercial through without it being edited properly. Cane is so focused on his stepbrother's shortcomings that he is unaware that Hillary is coming after him from a different angle. Cane and Lilly are about to get the shock of their life and be blindsided by Hurricane Hillary.

Juliet is now tangled in Hillary's web of deception and not thinking clearly.

She is about to hurt Lilly -- the woman who considers her a friend. If Juliet really wants some leverage she should remember that she asked to see the Hockey footage, but Cane rushed it through. Cane is solely responsible because he paid the videographer to keep the footage from being edited. Unfortunately, Juliet is allowing Hillary to manipulate her. Hillary is looking out for her own agenda. She wants to be the one pulling the strings so that her plan to annihilate Cane and Lilly will be successful.