On Monday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" Chloe Mitchell Fisher's family and friends gathered for a private memorial service. Her mother Esther and her mother-in-law Gloria have always found themselves at odds. Today, however, they made a truce of sorts.

All for the love of Bella

Esther and Gloria both love Kevin as well as adoring Bella the daughter he had with Chloe. These women do not see eye to eye on much of anything. Family, however, means everything to them. For a brief moment, the mothers-in-law decided to put their differences aside.

It was mutual but not from the heart. They put on a show because they did not want the day of Chloe's funeral to be any more difficult than it had to be. These two women truly love their mutual granddaughter and tried for a brief moment to at least give the appearance they could get along.

As Chloe's mother, Esther had a hand in helping to raise little Bella. Gloria has mostly been out of town but loves her grandchild no less than her nemesis. Gloria has made no secret of the fact that she did not like Chloe. Esther stood by her daughter as any good mother would do. She loved Chloe while not agreeing with the choices her daughter made.

Chloe blew up a cabin wth Adam Newman inside. This was more from grief, and pain from the loss of her daughter Delia than being a cold blooded murder.

Chloe stole a sperm sample Billy had at the hospital and had herself artificially inseminated. That's pretty diabolical. Gloria was horrified by the deeds of her daughter in law. And wanted to protect Kevin from her. Esther believed everyone should give Chloe more understanding. Now, these two women are face to face at the memorial service.

And on opposite sides when it comes to Bella's mom.

Gloria and Esther purpurate a fraud but Kevin is not taken in.

On Monday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" Father Todd came to town to officiate at Chloe's service. As the select few Kevin invited began to come into the church Gloria and Esther were face to face. Gloria let Esther know she was there for Kevin and not Chloe when they spotted Kevin walk into the sanctuary.

Immediately they reached out and hugged each other. They did not, however, fool anyone especially, not Kevin.

The two women gave each other a cold stiff embrace, It was devoid of feeling and there was not even a pretense of genuine emotions. Kevin decided to put his mom and mother-in-law out of their misery. He walked over to the women and accused them of putting on a show for him. Both denied it then gave up the hoax and admitted Kevin was correct. Little Bella's grandmothers decide however to keep up with the united front. Deep down each knows the other really loves Bella and that will unite them even if we never see this on screen.