Actor Jan-Michael Vincent at one time had quite a growing career in show business. He is best known for his television role in the hit 80's drama "Airwolf" and for numerous movies and television appearances throughout his career.

Alcohol and drug addiction rob another celebrity of his life.

Vincent had everything going for him, he was talented, athletic and good looking, everything needed to make it as a star in Hollywood. His rise to fame was a quick ride, but it was his demons that took everything he worked so hard for away in the drop of a hat.

The rising star threw away his career and was sadly lost into a world of addiction. At age 72, Jan- Michael is now unrecognizable even to his biggest fans.

Actor Jan-Michael Vincent now a mere shell of the star he once was.

Now Jan is confined to a wheelchair full time according to Radar Online.Though Jan continues to attempt to stay working a little these days by attending celebrity autograph conventions he is having a hard time doing even that for short periods of time. Fans who have recently seen Vincent sadly described the fading actor to Radar Online reporters recently saying, “He can barely hold a pen to sign his name. His voice is totally shot, too, and he’s gone blind in one eye!”

The majority of the medical issues and tragic loss has mostly been brought on by the actor himself.

Vincent's fame found the actor beginning to spiral out of control with numerous reports of drunken assaults and DUI arrests. Jan-Michael's career first began taking off in the 60's with his first film role in "The Bandits" which was co-directed by and starred Robert Conrad, in 1967.

By the 70's he was appearing in popular television series such as "Marcus Welby, MD." and "Gunsmoke." His movie career was getting just as successful with hit films such as Disney's "The World's Greatest Athlete," and alongside Burt Reynolds in "Hooper," and numerous film and television series throughout the 90s and 2000s.

It was in 1983 that things began to go wrong for Jan-Michael. It had been revealed that he dealt with alcoholism and drug addictions throughout his life.

The actor was arrested for DUI, in lieu of jail, he opted for rehab. Things went from bad to worse following his failed rehab stint. The actor was arrested multiple times for drunken bar fights, and later for felony assault.

In the 90s Jan was involved in two serious drunk driving car accidents, one leaving him with three broken vertebrae and a serious injury to his vocal cords.

Again he was charged with DUI and sentenced to rehab and probation. It wasn't until the year 2000 that Jan-Michael violated his probation and finally did 60-days of jail time. In 2008 he was involved in another car accident, by 2012 Jan-Michael came forward to reveal he had lost part of his leg due to peripheral artery disease.

For a time being, he attempted to walk using a prosthetic leg, but since has been confined to a wheelchair. His last public appearance in April of 2017 found Jan-Michael Vincent unable to sign autographs for fans, and with the event organizers angry and calling Jan a "drunken mess.


A sad and heartbreaking story revealing how Jan-Michael Vincent at one time had everything and let it slip away choosing alcohol and drugs over fame and success.

Do you remember Jan-Michael Vincent, are you shocked by what has become of him?