On Friday's episode of "The Young and the Restless," Cane overhears Billy and Phyllis talking in the room of a restaurant. He is certain the two have rekindled their romance, and are an item again. Back at the dinner table, Cane plays a game of Cat And Mouse with Billy. He is all smiles as he says somethings kind of tongue-in-cheek. Billy has no idea what is going on, and Cane is unaware that two other Genoa City residents are trying to find evidence that something happened between Cane and Juliet in Tokyo.

Jordan and Hillary are suspicious

Juliet promised Cane that she would keep their Tokyo tryst a secret.

She made the mistake of letting it slip to Jordan, that Cane is a wild and crazy guy after drinking. He mentions it to Hillary, and the two of them suspect that there is something more to the Tokyo trip. Jordan is dating Hillary, but it's clear he is falling for Lilly. Hillary wants to stick it to Lilly and Cane because of how they treated her during her marriage to Devon. Hillary smells a story, and Jordan would like to replace Cane.

On Monday's episode, Cane is certain Billy and Phyllis are back together. He shares what he heard with Lilly, and says he believes Victoria needs to know. His wife talks him down, but he is like a dog with a bone and does not want to let go. Cane is so focused on exposing Billy, he has no idea that two people are trying to do the same with him.

This game of cat and mouse will not end well. Should the entire truth come out, Victoria's company, Brash and Sassy, could fall apart.

Billy and Victoria will be at odds with each other, Lilly will be angry with Cane, and Juliet will be the odd man out. The only people who stand to profit are Hillary (who will have revenge on Lilly and Cane) and Jordan (who is hoping Lilly will fall into his arms).

Also, Juliet may be hoping that she may end up with Cane when the dust clears.

Payback is the name of the game

The back and forth game is really about payback. Hillary has not truly changed, and she would love to see the fall of Saint Lilly and the heroic Cane. Jordan does not believe Cane to be worthy of Lilly, and Cane believes Victoria deserves to know the truth about her two- timing ex spouse.

He will be totally blown away to realize that while he wants Billy to get what's coming, Hillary and Jordan are closing in on the dirty little secret he wants to keep quiet. Fireworks are about to explode on "The Young and the Restless," and many Genoa City residents are about to be hit by friendly fire.