There is a saying that "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." Those who reside in Genoa City are about to feel the wrath of a scorned Hillary Curtis. On Wednesday Hillary found out a secret that will allow her fury to be unleashed on those she believes have not given her a fair chance.

Hillary will reveal what was done in the dark

Hillary overheard Cane and Juliet discussing a night they slept together. Later she grilled Juliet who insisted she and Cain are not having an affair. And emphasized to Ms. Curtis that it was only one night when they were drunk.

After Juliet left, it was revealed that Hillary had taped their conversation. Previews for Thursday indicate that she is going to give the recording to Cane's wife Lilly. Hillary is now on a mission of revenge against her former in-law.

Hillary has been married to both Lilly's father Neil and her brother Devon. Each marriage ended badly, and Lilly never stops blaming her former sister/mother in law. Lilly makes use of every chance she gets to make Hillary look bad, and has refused to extend an olive branch. Now Hurricane Hillary is about to strike, and the fallout will be epic.

All who stand in Hillary's way are targets

It's been a few months since Cane and Juliet's one night of passion. Cane was so drunk he did not even remember it, He should have told his wife when he first found out.

Instead, he asked Juliet to keep it quiet, and allowed his wife and lover to become friends; Lilly really likes Juliet and has no idea this woman slept with her spouse. The irony of Hillary finding out must be part of "The Young and the Restless" saving this big reveal for May Sweeps.

Ms. Curtis has been biding her time, knowing that eventually, she could get even with her smug former in-law, And now the ammunition has just dropped right into her hands.

She has no remorse for the collateral damage that will come as a result of her actions, She is willing to take down anyone who stands in her way.

The fallout from Hurricane Hillary

Lilly will be heartbroken at her husband's betrayal.Not so much the act itself because Lilly has cheated on Cane in the past. She will be more hurt that he kept it from her, and allowed Juliet into her life and become her friend.

Lilly will feel as if Juliet and Cane made a fool of her. She may turn to Jordan who will be angry with Hillary and possibly break up with her. A marriage could be destroyed and Ashby's two children are caught in the middle. There is also the fact that Lilly, Cane, Juliet and Jordan all work for "Brash and Sassy." This will make for a very hostile work environment.