Juliet Hinton seems like a sweet person. She fits in at "Brash and Sassy," and has made herself invaluable to her boss Victoria. She also gets along with Billy, Cane and his wife Lilly. They are quite the team. Unknown to everyone except Cane, Juliet has ulterior motives regarding Lilly's husband.

The Tokyo saga comes to General City

Victoria sent Cane to Tokyo on business trip. Juliet was his contact. After their meeting was over, the two began drinking. Cane woke up the next morning not knowing what happened the previous night. In time Juliet told him they slept together and Cane was shocked, because he could not remember it.

Juliet came to town seeking a top job with "Brash and Sassy." She said Cane should consider what happened between them as meaningless sex and promised she would not mention what happened between them to anyone.

Victoria hired someone else for the job, and Cane thought Juliet was headed back to Japan. Vicky then offered Juliet a different job in Genoa City, and she accepted. Now she is working side by side with Cane and constantly running into his wife Lilly.

The Frenemy with benefits

When Cane expressed his concerns to Juliet regarding his wife, Ms. Hinton said that she liked Lilly and did not want to hurt her. The two women do get along fairly well, but that's because Lilly does not know that Juliet is a frenemy with benefits.

Juliet has been shown a few times watching Cane and Lilly from a distance. The look on her face indicates that she is envious.

It's only a matter of time before the truth comes out, and Lilly will be truly feel betrayed. The longer this goes on, the more devastated Lilly will be. When she finds out that Cane and Juliet have been hiding this secret from her, she may not be able to forgive them.

Lilly is beginning to trust Juliet and has no idea this young lady has an ulterior motive. When she realizes that she let her guard down with a woman who is actually her rival, it will not be pretty. Cane is allowing Juliet to pull his strings. He should have come clean with his wife as soon has he realized that he spent the night with another woman.

His silence stacks the deck in Ms. Hinton's favor. Day after day Juliet and Cane work together. Their boss Victoria has no clue Juliet seems to waiting for the right time to strike. When she does, she might get packed up and sent back to Tokyo. And Cane and Lilly will never be the same.