Fans learned today that it is highly unlikely that "The White Princess" will get a second season. This wasn't really that surprising, but it still hurt knowing that Starz was sticking to its original idea to create just one season of the historical novel adaptation. The show (and the book it was based on) told the story of Lizzie, as she married who she initially viewed as her enemy but fell in love.

Despite Lizzie's story in the novel coming to an end, her actual story in history is still going. There are also other historical novels within Philippa Gregory's arsenal that could be adapted for another mini-series by Starz.

The most likely one to move onto would be "The Constant Princess."

What is 'The Constant Princess' about?

Fans of Catherine Of Aragon will want to pick up this novel. It is the story of the first wife of Henry VIII, as she moves from Spain to England for her first marriage to Henry's eldest son Arthur. In the novel, Gregory uses the idea that Catherine and Arthur did consummate their marriage but Arthur encouraged Catherine to lie. By telling the world they didn't consummate their marriage, she would be able to marry Arthur's brother, Prince Henry.

The novel takes readers through the life of Catherine of Aragon, as she finds herself constantly struggling to gain power and authority. "The Constant Princess" isn't quite a true name for her, as she was viewed as Queen of England during her 20+ year marriage to Henry and afterwards by Catholics until her death in 1536, but it likely shares her feelings throughout, especially as she is forced into poverty on two occasions.

Could 'The White Princess' be the second in a series of novel adaptations?

Many fans of the TV show are disappointed that it is coming to an end. However, there is hope since there are so many novels to adapt. "The Constant Princess" is just the next novel in the series, which started with "The White Queen," "The Red Queen," and "The Kingmaker's Daughter." All three novels were adapted into the Starz-BBC mini-series "The White Queen."

"The Constant Princess" is set in roughly the same time period as Gregory's "Three Sisters, Three Queens." This novel covers the lives of Margaret and Mary Tudor, sisters of Henry VIII, and Catherine of Aragon.

They could interlink to create a compelling third mini-series installment. After that, "The Other Boleyn Girl" and "The Boleyn Inheritence" could continue the Tudor series, before moving into the era of Mary I of England and Elizabeth I of England.

There are certainly opportunities, and this doesn't mean that the Starz adaptations have come to an end.