Fans of "The White Princess" learned today that season 2 isn't likely to happen. Jodie Comer took to Twitter to announce that the "last ever episode" of the show was available to view online. While many fans are understandably upset at the lack of a second season, there are many more Philippa Gregory novels to adapt. Here's a look at four that would make extremely compelling and intriguing viewing for Starz.

'The Constant Princess' about Catherine of Aragon

The first novel is one that many publications are currently talking about. "The Constant Princess" wasn't the next novel but it was set in the next time period.

Catherine of Aragon was already mentioned in "The White Princess," as Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain's daughter. In this novel, she marries her betrothed Arthur Tudor but has to navigate the political and marital world when he dies.

'The King's Curse' about Margaret Pole

Another character from history fans came to know and love was Margaret Plantagenet, who would become Margaret Pole. Gregory wrote "The King's Curse" with the view that Margaret was a major playing in conspiracies against Henry VIII of England. Whether that is true or not is unknown, but Gregory's opinions certainly make for exciting telling. The story opens in 1499, after "The White Princess" ends.

'The Other Boleyn Girl' about Mary Boleyn

This is a novel that has already been adapted twice, but they were both movie adaptations. The most notable of the two is with Eric Bana, Natalie Dormer, and Scarlett Johansson. The story is about Mary and Anne Boleyn, as they both fall in love with Henry VIII of England. The focus of the novel is on Mary, who is often the forgotten sister of Anne and George Boleyn since she doesn't end up at the wrong end of an ax or sword.

'The Taming of the Queen' about Katherine Parr

Finally, another option would be to jump to the end of Henry VIII's era. "The Taming of the Queen" focuses on the last wife of Henry, Katherine Parr. She was the first woman to be published in print under her own name in English in the country, but her voice was silenced through her marriage to her husband.

Katherine was forced to navigate the waters of her enemies, who tried to pull her reformist views down.

Do you agree with these titles? With the end of "The White Princess" Starz certainly has plenty of options to work with. The most likely ones would be about Margaret Pole or Catherine of Aragon, considering the time periods they are both set in.