The whole fandom was a bit shocked when we discovered the departure of such an important part of the main cast of "Once Upon a Time". The season 6 finale was truly breath-taking and left a major part of the fandom satisfied, while the rest is still restless about some loose ends (it cannot be considered a finale without plot holes, and loose ends). Emma Swan managed to defeat the Black Fairy, and be the Savior she was always meant to. After the wedding, and when finally it looked like they found their happy endings (or as they prefer it: happy beginnings), a ten second cliffhanger scene put us all back to square one.

Season 7 spoilers

It came as a surprise to the fandom, both the fact that Emma Swan, Snow, Charming, Bella, Zelena, and young Henry would be leaving the show, and that the season 6 finale was a mirror reflection of the premiere episode. Although Jennifer Morrison claimed that she would be coming back in the premiere episode of the upcoming season 7, the story line still will be very altered. Lana Parrila, who portrays the legendary ex-Evil Queen (on occasion the Evil Queen too!), will be back the upcoming season along with a grown-up Henry, Lucy, Mr.Gold, and Hook.

What does Lana Parrilla have to say about this?

Although Lana Parrilla was reported to be devastated for the leaving of the actors, and the ending of such an amazing chapter in "Once Upon a Time", she is still very much excited about what is coming up next for the superheroes.

However, the strong relationships she had developed with them, only made it more difficult to move forward.

Their departure did make her feel a bit weird about Season 7, however she is very happy to be coming back as Regina. She has been playing this intricate character for six seasons in a row, and as she stated, that was the most complicated character she ever had to portray.

Lana Parrilla is truly amazed at the character growth that the "Evil Queen" has undergone and she is proud of the process she had made. She never knows what to expect from her, and is surprised at how bravely Regina handles the troubles in Storybrooke. However, Lana Parrilla is truly eager to see the Queen finally get her happy ending.

To conclude, she also made a joking remark on how since Henry aged in this upcoming season, what does that imply for the Queen.

Although the magic existed in the reality of the show, she could swear what she had with the rest of cast, was magical as well.

Lana Parrilla will be coming back in Season 7 of "Once Upon a Time" with new identities, curses, and battles to defeat. (obviously!)

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