Philippa Gregory novel fans have immersed themselves into the world of “The White Princess.” Over the last seven weeks, we’ve watched Lizzie fall for her husband and believe her position as queen was safe. We’ve seen her bear children for the king and turn away from her family when it looked like her long-lost brother had returned.

With the season 1 finale upon us, fans want to know whether “The White Princess” season 2 is happening. Will Starz continue to tell the story of Elizabeth Of York and Henry VII of England?

No confirmation about ‘The White Princess’ renewal yet

Right now Starz is staying quiet on the future of the historical history drama. Unlike the BBC’s adaptation of “The White Queen,” “The Red Queen,” and “The Kingmaker’s Daughter,” Starz hasn’t told the whole story of Elizabeth of York in one season. It is possible that another season will happen, as there are still years of storytelling to go.

The timeline is currently around 1499. Unless the season finale ends with Elizabeth of York’s death in 1503, it is still possible for the show to continue with another year. Lizzie and Henry still have to live through the death of their elder son Arthur and then the birth and death of their youngest daughter Katherine.

There is still a possible storyline around Henry VII and Catherine of Aragon. “The White Princess” season 2 could lead into Henry’s death and the early reign of Henry VIII of England. Fans then have “The Tudors,” which aired more than a decade ago, to continue the story into the Tudor dynasty.

Starz has called it a ‘limited’ series

Since the very beginning, Starz has made it clear that “The White Princess” is a “limited” series. This means the network was only ever planning on a small number of episodes, and likely just one season to tell the story that Gregory penned decades ago.

This knowledge doesn’t mean there definitely won’t be a second season, but the chances aren’t good.

It would have taken excellent ratings, which the network just hasn’t seen from the historical drama. The show is averaging just 0.21 in the key demographic. While ratings did initially go up, they have dramatically fallen in recent weeks.

Starz may decide that all the relevant stories to tell in Lizzie’s history have already been told. There is no need to follow up with any more seasons. It is also possible that the show will end with Lizzie’s death, maybe even a quick scene at the end as she dies remembering the guilt she felt for contributing to the execution of her potential brother.

“The White Princess” season 1 finale airs on Sunday at 8 p.m. on Starz. News about a second season will be here when we know more.