There are still plenty of questions surrounding the future of "The White Princess." The show is coming to an end on Sunday, but it's clear there are still stories to tell. While the viewership isn't great, there are some fans hopeful that Starz chooses to renew it. If that happens, what could "The White Princess" season 2 actually be about? Here's a look at the potential storylines to play out for Lizzie and Henry.

Lizzie and Henry mourn the death of their son

One thing that won't likely happen in "The White Princess" season 1 finale is the death of Arthur Tudor.

This happened in 1502 in real life, and was devastating for his parents. After all, Arthur was supposed to be the strong heir to Henry Tudor's throne. The second season could start by showing the hope put into Arthur for the future of the Tudor dynasty. It could start with Arthur's marriage to Catherine of Aragon and then his untimely death and grief felt by Lizzie, Henry, and the whole country.

Lizzie's final pregnancy and death

Fans of real Tudor history will know that Lizzie doesn't live for long after Perkin Warbeck's execution. In fact, just a year after her son Arthur's death, she dies of childbed fever. The second season could certainly focus on this, along with the death of the final child of Lizzie and Henry, Katherine.

One of the downsides to focusing on Lizzie's death is that it technically brings an end to "The White Princess." The show is mostly focused on her character growth, so it would have to change focus later.

Henry's treatment of Catherine of Aragon

Henry VII was an extremely frugal king. He didn't care who lived in poverty, as long as the crown built up savings after the financially damaging Wars of the Roses.

That meant his widowed daughter-in-law, Catherine, received no financial help from him. She lived as a pauper after the death of her husband, and "The White Princess" season 2 could focus on that. Another storyline would be Henry's consideration of marrying Catherine himself after Lizzie's death.

Margaret Beaufort outliving her son

"The White Princess" fans cannot forget about Margaret Beaufort. Wonderfully portrayed by Michelle Fairley, she is one of the only people in the Tudor period to outlive her child. "The White Princess" could completely come to an end with Henry VII's death and Margaret mourning him, while helping her grandson Henry VIII of England become a formidable king.

"The White Princess" season 2 isn't confirmed yet. There is hope for a future, especially if the season 1 finale ends only with the death of Perkin Warbeck.