On "The Bold and the Beautiful" Katie has been spiraling out of control for close to a month. The relationship Ridge has developed with Quinn is pushing her over the edge. Katie is lashing out and going to extreme measures. Ridge is clueless about the lengths his ex-wife/sister-in-law will go to in order to prove her point.

Katie's revenge

Katie Logan is Sick And Tired of being sick and tired. This woman simply has had enough. She has watched as two of her ex-husbands battled to marry her sister Brooke. Now she has a front row seat observing Eric Forrester being taken advantage of by his wife and son.

Katie has been on hand to see the devastation left after Quinn Fuller played games with Wyatt, Steffy, Liam, and Ivy. Now Quinn has just told Katie her jewelry is not up to par for Forrester Creations. A girl can only take so much.

Katie does not believe Eric fired her so she places the blame squarely on Quinn's shoulders. While arguing with Quinn, Katie points out that good girls like herself never win but evil women like Ms.Fuller get everything they want in this world. She gets right up in Quinn's face and, when Quinn pushes her, Katie falls back on a chair. Katie picks up Charlie's gun that was left by Pam and points it at Quinn. Ridge comes into the office and defuses the situation. Katie, however, is still angry and determined to seek revenge.

It was noted that Charlie's gun was not loaded.

Someone shoots at a target

Later Katie is at home and standing on her veranda. She is using a telescope to look across her property at the home Quinn shares with Eric. Katie is like a woman gone mad, There is a fire in her eyes as well as tears. She is viewing Eric's house through the scope and sees Ridge and Quinn standing outside talking.

Katie cannot believe these two are continuing to get cozy even though she just lost her job. She looks through the telescope again and this time she only sees Quinn. A finger is seen squeezing a trigger and a shot is heard.

On Thursday, Quinn is a nervous wreck because she literally just dodged a bullet. She goes straight to Katie's house where she sees the telescope and notices it is pointed straight at her home.

She tells Katie that the police have been called and will soon verify where the shot came from. Katie says she was spying but does not admit shooting at her ex-husband's current wife. After Quinn leaves, Katie once again goes to the telescope and begins watching Eric's house.