Steven Yeun, who has brought Glenn Rhee to life, revealed what he has been up to after his departure from "The Walking Dead" last season. During his interview with ET, the Korean-American actor recalled his experience working for the zombie apocalyptic series and talked about his newest project, "Okja."

'I'm just grateful for it'

Steven Yeun's character died in the opening episode of "The Walking Dead" Season 7. He was brutally killed by Negan, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who is the head of the Saviors that takes control of the tyranny. The fan-favorite character, along with Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz), fell victim to Negan's barbed wire-covered bat or what the enemy calls Lucille.

His gruesome death broke the hearts of his fans. Some of them even slammed the AMC series for its depiction of Steven Yeun's death, while others were just sad that their favorite is leaving the show. Andrew Lincoln, on the other hand, explained that the death scene was meant to make the viewers feel "sick," "nauseous," "angry," and "frustrated."

In fact, the TV adaptation only followed what happened to Glenn in the comics. When asked about his thoughts on his character's death, Steven Yeun thinks it was "cool" to "leave on such a high note." Although he was saddened by his departure from "The Walking Dead" after six years, the actor is still thankful that his journey ended that way.

After his exit, the 33-year-old star revealed he is still following the AMC series to watch his co-actors.

"The Walking Dead" is set to return in October for its eighth installment.

What's next for Steven Yeun?

The actor will appear as K in "Okja," a Korean-American adventure film that follows the story of a young girl, named Mija, who is willing to sacrifice everything to stop a powerful company from taking away Okja. Steven Yeun will play the role of an animal rights activist for the Netflix film.

He is joined by Ahn Seo Hyun as Mija, Tilda Swinton as Lucy Mirando, Paul Dano as Jay, Jake Gyllenhaal as Dr. Johnny Wilcox, Byun Hee Bong as Heebong, Lily Collins as Red, and more. "Breaking Bad's" Giancarlo Esposito will also appear in the upcoming movie.

Steven Yeun explained that "Okja" is a classic Korean name that equates to Georgina or Harriet.

The Korean-American star added that the title alone will "[give the viewers] a little bit more glimpse into a tone of the film." The Netflix movie is helmed by Bong Joon Ho whose credits include "Memories of Murder," "The Host," and "Snowpiercer."

"Okja" will be released on Netflix and in selected theaters this coming June 28.