For months, Ridge and Quinn have tried to fight their feelings for each other. He was engaged to Brooke and she is married to his father Eric. In Australia, Brooke saw Ridge and Quinn kissing and called off the wedding. Katie and Ivy find out but they all agreed to spare Eric the pain and not tell him if Quinn and Ridge agreed to leave each other alone. Now, the two have crossed the forbidden line and given in to their passion.

Eric is betrayed by the two people who should love him the most

On Tuesday, Quinn went to Ridge to tell him that Katie is pressuring her.

Katie is a novice but wants her jewelry featured in the Forrester collection, Quinn and Ivy tried to tell her that only one of her items was ready but Katie became angry and threatened to tell Eric about Ridge and Quinn's flirtation. Ridge tried to calm Quinn down and even suggested she use all of Katie's jewelry in the next show. Quinn balked at the idea and shared how frustrated she was with the situation.

At the same time, Katie is dining with Eric and whining because Quinn will only use one item of her 3 piece jewelry set she created. As Eric tries to reason with and calm Katie down, his son and wife are kissing and falling back on the bed. Quinn and Ridge are about to betray Eric in the worst way.

These two are selfish and are only thinking of the here and now. This moment has been building for a while and viewers knew it was going to happen. The fallout from this will be epic.

The Forrester family will pass the point of no return

Ridge is hurt because Brooke broke up with him and married Bill. Quinn is simply confused.

She lost some of her edge when she fell in love with Eric but misses parts of her old personality. Quinn feels she must perform for Eric and always be on guard. With Ridge, she can be more relaxed. Neither Ridge nor Quinn want to hurt their loved ones but they cannot help themselves. They have pushed their feelings aside for so long that they are compelled to go down this road, and now that they have, there will be no turning back.

When Eric finds out, this could push him to another heart attack or into the arms of Katie (who seems to want more than friendship). The entire Forrester family will be devastated and the company will suffer. Thomas has already decided to defect to work for Spectra. Quinn and Ridge both may be fired when this news hits. Losing 3 designers at one time will be a big loss. Because of his age and health, Eric may never recover from finding out that his son is sleeping with his wife. Eric trusted Quinn when everyone told him it was a bad idea. Now he will see they were correct.