Faithful fans of "The Bold and the Beautiful" suspected who Brooke Logan was going to marry at the end of Thursday's episode. The answer seemed to come when the camera showed a door opening at Brooke's home, and also another being opened at the wedding venue. Viewers realized that Brooke could not be opening both doors. And now, spoiler alerts have confirmed which door Brooke is behind.

The doors reveal the answer for Brooke and Bill

Ridge had been trying his best all week to change Brooke's mind about marrying Bill Spencer. He goes to her on her wedding day, and reminds her of their past, and brought up their son R.J.

This is what he did the last time, which caused his Logan to leave Dollar Bill at the altar. The dress maker lets Brooke know he is headed to her house. He will be waiting so the two of them can get married. Brook takes off her engagement ring from Bill and looks at it. When we see her again, Katy is helping Brooke get dressed for the nuptials, and asking her sister who it is she will marry.

Bill is standing at the altar, confident that Ridge can do nothing to stop his wedding this time. A door opens and Bill calls Brooke's name. A moment later the door to Brooke's house opens, Ridge looks hopeful, and the episode is over. Viewers know that Brooke cannot be in both places at once. The logical explanation is that she has decided to marry Bill, and Quinn is seeking Ridge.

Earlier in the show, Ridge told Quinn that he was going to Brooke's house to wait on her. Quinn has now gone to the house to find out who Brooke chose.

The fallout for Quinn and Ridge

Ridge and Quinn have kissed a few times and flirted. They put their feelings aside after Brooke saw them kissing in Australia. If Brooke married Ridge, there would be no reason at this point to have Quinn cheat on her husband Eric.

When she walks through the door of Brooke's home, the dress maker will know he has lost his Logan to Dollar Bill. Quinn and Ridge will act on their pent up feelings, due to the emotion of the moment, and, more than likely, it will happen as Brooke is saying I do.

According to the spoiler alerts, Katie will find out and run straight to Eric.

She will tell him that his son and wife are having an affair. Katie had promised she would keep the secret of Quinn and Ridge kissing if it did not happen again. Eric will be heart broken, because he put his total trust in Quinn, and the town will be stunned by this turn of events. Things are definitely heating up.