There is a major "Teen Mom OG" drug scandal going down on the MTV filming set between Amber Portwood, her ex-Matt Baier, and Catelynn Lowell according to Radar Online.

Feuds, drugs and sex tapes the craziness of 'Teen Mom OG'

Amber Portwood and Matt Baier's relationship has alway been rocky, and not too many "Teen Mom OG" fans ever really believed they would make it down the aisle. However, a breaking news report now reveals that Portwood has dumped Baier, halted all wedding preparations and has outed Matt as a junkie!

Amber Portwood claims she is re-thinking her relationship with Matt Baier.

Amber is super ticked off at Matt after she recently found out that Matt had given her "OG" costar and friend Catelynn Lowell pills. It is no secret just who calls the shots in this relationship, and the one thing you do not want to do if you are Baier is get on Amber's bad side. The story is that Amber has known all along that Matt was a "former" druggie, after all, who is she to point fingers when it comes to this subject, right?

But, Portwood has done a pretty good job of reforming herself since her jail sentence. She wants to keep things on the straight and narrow and do nothing that could risk her relationship with her daughter.

While in New York on a press tour, Amber reveals that she found out that Baier had drugs with him, Xanax to be exact. Portwood claims that Catelynn had been having issues with anxiety and Matt helped her out by giving her a few tablets of the anxiety medication.

Couple things wrong with this situation, first, Matt is supposed to be clean, so the big question is why does he happen to have Xanax on him?

Next, giving prescription meds to anyone they are not prescribed for is a big no-no with the law. Needless to say, Amber went off on Matt big time.

Baier kept apologizing to Amber for giving Cate the pills but Portwood has had it with Matt! “You’re sorry every other f**king week, stated Amber. The "Teen Mom OG" star tells him she is done and is calling the wedding off.

Matt just doesn't seem to get it and keeps saying sorry, claiming that he only made one mistake.

No go for Matt, Amber claims it is done for good. Baier later spoke with RO telling them he is not using drugs again. His excuse is a friend gave him the Xanax just in case Amber freaked out during the flight. The old tired excuse of they are not mine they belong to a friend...He also adds that Amber shouldn't be angry with him, he was only helping Catelynn out.

It does appear that Amber is taking some time to think about their relationship and according to the celebrity news site. The couple are still living together. Portwood posted on Instagram that as for now she has not made any "final decisions" yet where Matt is concerned.

But, odds are according to "TMOG" fans she will stay with Matt.

There has been a lot of drug issues among cast members lately as previously reported, Maci Bookout just found out that her ex-Ryan Edwards has been using drugs. Coincidentally after finding out Edwards' news, Ryan and Mackenzie jumped the gun were secretly married and now Edwards in more than two weeks into a rehab treatment.

Drama, drama, drama, what are your thoughts on Amber Portwood and Matt Baier, will they stay together? "Teen Mom OG" airs Mondays at 9/8c on MTV.