Things are really beginning to heat up on MTV's "Teen Mom 2" reality series. Kailyn Lowery has revealed that she plans on allowing her same-sex- lover Becky Hayter inside the delivery room with her, instead of baby daddy Chris Lopez.

Kailyn Lowery calling the shots in delivery room

"Teen Mom 2" fans are well aware that things are not good between Kailyn and Lopez, but ever since her same-sex over has entered the mix things are getting completely out of hand. Since the mother-to-be makes all the rules as far as the delivery room it appears that Chris Lopez is out and Becky Hayter is in.

Lowery reveals girlfriend Becky Hayter will step in for support.

This news was announced recently via Becky Hayter's on the "Teen Mom 2" blog page."Teen Mom 2" fans know that Lowery has been involved in some real mind games over the past year. In 2016 Lowery and Marroquin announced that they were divorcing. Kailyn quickly moved in from Lopez and became very intimately involved with Becky.

During her Q&A session on the "Teen Mom 2" blog, Becky answered questions about her involvement with Becky. When asked if she planned on being filmed during the delivery, Hayter said no according to Radar Online. Becky claims he role in the delivery room would be to lend support to Kailyn. As far as their new found relationship, she has been by Kailyn's side through the entire pregnancy, more than Lopez.

Many fans believe Kailyn's decision to include Becky in the delivery of the baby is just more way she can stick it, Chris Lopez. Some "Teen Mom" viewers agree Kailyn is using this as a show of power and control.Hopefully, after the baby is brim things will not come back and blow up in her face.

As previously reported, Lowery's life has been out of control for several months.

In February she made the shocking announcement that she was expecting her third baby, especially since she had made it clear she had no desire to have ore children.

It has been speculated that Lowery's pregnancy may have been a ploy to trap baby daddy number three Chris Lopez. Now as baby number three approaches Kailyn finds herself without a man, but growing closer to Becky Hayter.

What else we do know at this time is that Lailyn keeps giving more and more ammunition for ex- Javi Marroquin to use in his new upcoming tell all.He has also previously stated numerous times he will not be holding anything back at.

Javi claims he feels slighted and everyone has listened to Kailyn's side more than his. This is going to be his way of finally being heard once and for all. What are your thoughts?