If you're looking for something pleasant to watch on TV this summer, then tune into ABC every Tuesday nights for a delightful treat. "Downward Dog" first aired last May 23 and the series has, so far, been earning rave reviews.

The show stars "Fargo's" Allison Tolman as Nan, a single girl who is getting her life together, both professionally and personally. Playing her dog is Ned as Martin and he waxes philosophical about his experiences as Nan's companion in every episode.

Samm Hodges provides the voice of Martin and he's also the show's co-creator along with Michael Killen. Lucas Neff plays Jason, Nan's ex-boyfriend who occasionally walks her dog, while Barry Rothbart plays Kevin, Nan's boss who's a bit insecure.

Based off a web show, Tolman’s dog allergies

Downward Dog” started off as a web series that Samm Hodges made for the Animal Media Group that has its roots in Pittsburgh. ABC Studios and Legendary TV got on board as producers for the TV show, which is mostly shot in the Pittsburgh area.

"The show’s creators were very, very passionate about that and we’re excited about it because it gives the show a specific look and feel," ABC president Channing Dungey said in a press release.

Allison Tolman agreed to star on the show, despite her dog allergies and the fact that she’s a cat person in real life because she found the script smart and funny. She asked production, however, to keep Benadryl on hand while she’s working on the set.

Tolman also gets to play the female romantic lead in “Downward Dog,” which she said never happens in her career.

“In a lot of other shows, there’s no way that I would be cast,” she told Vulture in an interview, adding “Downward Dog” is about realism even if the other lead star talks with a computer-generated mouth.

Hit with critics, but renewal uncertain

"Downward Dog" has been a huge hit among critics. The show scored a high approval rating of 90 percent among 20 reviewers on Rotten Tomatoes.

Collider critic Allison Keene described the show as smart and delightful and gave the show five stars.

While reviews have generally been favorable, the show's status with ABC remains uncertain.

To convince the network to keep the “Downward Dog,” Lucas Neff posted an appeal on Twitter to encourage viewers to watch.

According to The A.V. Club, "Downward Dog" is at the risk of getting canceled because ABC has been brutal about letting go of its comedy shows like "Last Man Standing" and "The Real O' Neals." Neff, however, is positive the show checks all the boxes for a potential renewal.

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