"Teen Mom OG" fans were a little surprised to find out that Ryan Edwards has currently been undergoing Rehab treatment for drug abuse for two weeks now. But, what most fans did not know is that this is Edwards' second attempt at rehab!

Ryan Edwards has been dealing with an ongoing problem.

Edwards' ex-girlfriend Dalis Connell has recently talked with Radar Online in an exclusive interview revealing that Edwards unsuccessfully underwent rehab treatment back in 2012 for an addiction to pills.

Ryan Edwards former girlfriend Dalis Connell reveals this is his second attempt at rehab.

“We admitted him to outpatient rehab in December 2012,” the FITstation owner told Radar.

“He was taking Roxicodone.” Roxicodone is listed as a serious pain medication, and is highly addictive with many dangerous side effects.

Connell's relationship with Ryan was documented on the MTV reality series "Teen Mom." She reveals she ended her 2-year relationship with him and that she was also the one to inform Ryan's parents Larry and Jen of Ryan's drug issues.

RO reveals that Dalis claims that Ryan's mom is absolutely in denial. She also reveals that Ryan's dad knew something was up with his son and eventually got Dalis to admit to him that their son was using.

It was soon after Ryan's dad got involved they staged an intervention and Ryan agreed to go for help. However, his first trip to rehab did not last long, he was only there 7-days before he dropped the treatment program.

Needless to say, Edwards relapsed. "He never said he wanted to get better, he just wanted the withdrawals to stop," claims Dalis.

As previously reported, Ryan Edwards is currently undergoing rehab treatment for drug abuse issues. He has been in rehab two weeks and according to E! News he is "doing well."

Ryan's recent rock bottom occurred just a couple of weeks ago when his drug problem was addressed by his former girlfriend and mother of his 8-year-old son Bentley, Maci Bookout.

Maci openly discussed her concerns about Ryan's drug use with her "Teen Mom OG" cast members. With the cameras rolling Bookout stated that she was worried that Edwards was going to die soon if he did not agree to get help soon. Just days after Maci Bookout addressed her concerns for Ryan, Edwards' then fiance Mackenzie Standifer's family revealed that they were going to have a sit down with their future son-in-law and talk to him about getting help now.

The Standifer family intervention must have worked wonders for Ryan because days later Ryan and Mackenzie married in Tennessee, well ahead of their November wedding plans and Ryan was off to rehab.

Bravo to the Standifers, whatever they did and said to Ryan appears to have at least been successful in getting him to admit he needed help. Hopefully for Ryan, this time his rehab stay will be 100 percent successful.