"Teen Mom OG" fans are more than a little curious as to why Farrah Abraham has chosen to get involved in Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards' business.

What is Farrah's new beef with Maci all about?

All "Teen Mom" fans know Farrah loves nothing more than to have her name in the mouths of everyone she knows and doesn't know. She surely loves the drama of it all. However, the latest verbal bashing from Farrah is directed at Maci Bookout and what she has said about Ryan's drug issues, In Touch reports.

As previously reported, Maci Bookout opened up about her fears and concerns over ex-boyfriend (and Bentley's dad) Ryan to Amber Portwood and Catelynn Lowell.

Maci told her "OG" pals that she learned some very disturbing info regarding Ryan's recent habits and was afraid for Bentley's safety and Ryan's life.

Since then Ryan Edwards has been a busy man, he quickly married Mackenzie in mid May and then immediately high-tailed it off to rehab before anyone was the wiser.

When will Farrah learn to mind her own business?

Farrah chimed in with what she had to say on the matter. During Farrah's 26th birthday bash in NYC, Farrah went off about Bookout in a big way. Could it be that Abraham was really embarrassed that Simon failed once again to propose to her?

"Who is she to talk about someone else's substance abuse when she's like an alcoholic?" questioned Abraham. Needless to say, the claws have come out and it is indeed Farrah who has drawn first blood...again.

You can bet that Maci is not going to sit idly by and let Farrah spew hate -- especially regarding a situation that does not concern her. Fans are not quite sure why Farrah is all hot and huffy and ready to start a new "Teen Mom OG" feud, but you can bet it will be addressed in a rather loud way.

As for Ryan Edwards, it has been reported that he is doing well in rehab at this time.

Not many details have been revealed as to why Ryan and Mackenzie rushed the marriage. Many are hoping that Ryan's second rehab trip will be the one that sticks, and the one that will help him kick his demons to the curb.

This is another major topic of interest that "Teen Mom OG" fans are dying to get answers to. Whatever reason Farrah has for going off, many fans believe she may have bitten off more than she can chew by calling Maci out.

Many still remember what happened the last time Farrah decided to run her mouth.

What are your thoughts on Farrah Abraham's comments about Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards?

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