On Tuesday night on a new episode of "Little People, Big World" aired on TLC. On this episode, viewers got to see Tori Roloff get a pedicure done right before she has her baby and also saw Zach dealing with health issues. One big thing that happened this episode was that Matt Roloff gave his sons Zach and Jeremy Roloff both an amazing gift to help out with their babies that are coming.

What gift did Matt give them?

Matt Roloff had the idea of a special gift that he could get for Zach. He is a little person, and he found a rocking chair at an auction that he thought would be perfect. He took it to someone he knew who was able to change it and make it perfect for a little person like Zach.

They shortened the legs and the arms both so that Zach could sit in it normal and rock his baby boy after he was born.

He actually got one for Jeremy that was normal size. This was the perfect gift for him. Jeremy and his wife, Audrey had just been looking at their own rocking chairs the day before and knew that they wanted one before the baby got here. Matt put cushions on the chairs and bows on them to match the sex of each baby. Zach's had a blue bow and Jeremy's had a pink one on it. The boys loved the gift that he gave to them.

What is happening next week on "Little People, Big World"?

Next week's episode looks like a great one. Jeremy and Audrey will be packing up and moving out to Portland. They want to be closer to their family once their baby girl is there.

Zach and Tori will also have their baby. They have scheduled a c-section, and the preview shows them heading to the hospital to get ready to have their baby. They may end up leaving it with a cliffhanger and not showing the baby until the next week. Zach and Tori already shared that they had a little boy that they named Jackson.

Another big thing that will go down next week is that Matt Roloff will finally meet Amy's boyfriend, Chris.

Obviously, Amy already knows his girlfriend since he is dating Caryn who has been working for them as the farm manager. This will be pretty interesting to see them meet each other. Amy and Chris had been dating for quite a while before they end up deciding to have him meet Matt.

What did you think of the gift that Matt Roloff gave to Zach and Jeremy?

Do you feel like he made the right choice? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Little People, Big World" when they air on Tuesday nights on TLC. Next week's episode will show Tori and Zach having their baby.

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