Everybody in the fandom is already very familiar with the theory that "Supernatural' will surpass human civilization (how the show will be filmed is a discussion for another time) itself before it eventually comes to an end. In order to support this very probable theory, the upcoming season 13 of "Supernatural" will feature a backdoor pilot episode for a new spin-off.

'Wayward Daughters'

The planned series will revolve around the recurring character Kim Rhodes, and it will put the focus on the "Wayward Sisters" and how they will save the day. For season 13, not only do we know that there will be a crossover with Scooby Doo (as if things in the "Supernatural" universe needed to be even weirder to spice things up), but it will also feature an episode focused all around the "Wayward Daughters".

The episode itself will follow around Sheriff Jody Mills, played by Kim Rhodes, as she attempts to take under her care a group of young women, in order to teach them how to be hunters. In a world where the Winchesters roam, monsters cannot ever be too careful, but at some point, a legacy needs to be created.

Although Death has a relatively hard time catching up with Sam and Dean Winchester, there will come a time (in a very, very far away future), where the hunters will get their deserved peace, and it will be up to someone else to save the world for a change.

So far, it has only been revealed that Kim Rhodes will be starring in this spin-off, but other characters that we know and love will probably be joining in as well.

Claire Novak, which is played by Kathryn Love Newton, and Alex Jones, played by Katherine Ramdeen are the characters that the fandom most rooted for to have their own spin-off.

Similar to 'Bloodlines?'

The "Supernatural" fandom has always seen parallels between them and the Winchester brothers. The similarities start from their rough pasts due to being raised amid tragedies caused by monsters, and to their very complicated relationship with the hunting life, family, and each other.

Furthermore, their characters-- Alex being a book lover and ready to sacrifice herself for her family -- Claire constantly showing her readiness to protect others, and fight monsters; just go to show how similar their personalities are to the ones of Sam and Dean Winchester.

However, this is not "Supernatural"'s first attempt at creating a spin-off, and as the fandom remembers things did not go so smoothly.

The episode itself was bland, and without the Winchesters' presence, it was not worth continuing. Hopefully this time the series will be more interesting and will not possess the same fate as "Bloodlines". Whatever the case may be in the future, the fandom is very excited to welcome a new member to the "Supernatural" Family.