The Duggar family has seen its fair share of drama but nothing compares to the molestation and subsequent cheating scandals that have caught up with Josh Duggar. TLC reacted to the negative press by canceling "19 Kids and Counting" just like they have canceled every other scandal-plagued show on the network. Unlike the other, less fortunate shows, this one got a spinoff and those not involved in Josh's cover up were allowed to join "Counting On."

To calm the anger of network sponsors, TLC debuted "Counting On" with the promise that Josh Duggar, nor his parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, would be featured on the show.

It didn't take long before Michelle and Jim Bob were doing cameos but TLC still did the most to cut Josh out of important family events as far as film and photographs were concerned.

'Counting On' is back on TLC

Now, with "Counting On" returning for Season 3, many fans have been concerned that Josh Duggar might be weaseling his way back onto TLC. They had good cause to believe that might happen, too. According to The Hollywood Gossip, now that some time has passed since Josh's last scandal, the rest of the Duggar family has been slowly reintroducing him to fans and gauging the reaction.

Proof of Josh Duggar's existence showed up in Anna Duggar's birthday photos, While most of the pictures shared by the Duggar family were of Anna and the kids, Josh did show up in one family shot.

There was also proof of Josh at Jinger's wedding in the form of light bursts where he was known to be standing for photographs. It's safe to assume he was at Joy-Anna's wedding too.

When news broke that Josh Duggar would be suing the Arkansas State Police and In Touch Magazine along with his sister, many figured the next step would be for Josh to work on rehabbing his image and maybe even pop up on future episodes of "Counting On."

There will be no Josh Duggar cameo

It's unclear what may have changed for the Duggar family, if anything.

However, Josh backed off the lawsuit almost as quickly as he joined and now its starting to look like he might be the family outcast again.

According to the THG report, the Duggars were planning to show Josh Duggar's wife Anna on a special "Counting On" delivery special for the birth of their fifth child. It turns out that, despite how sweet and wonderful Anna may be, TLC has scrapped plans to follow her labor and delivery due to Josh's bad behavior.

The Duggar outcast is reportedly "too toxic" to even bother showing his wife's latest pregnancy journey. Maybe it all had to do with the inability to crop him out of his own child's birth. Whatever the reason may be, it does look like Josh isn't returning to reality TV and "Counting On" fans can rest easy knowing that TLC is still trying to keep the show on the air. Many worry that letting Josh on camera even for a minute might cause a public relations problem and get "Counting On" canceled the same way that it got "19 Kids and Counting" canceled a few years back.