The second season of "Stranger Things" is already official and well-received by fans. After shedding the light for Season 2 last August 31, 2016, via Youtube, there are a lot of speculations as to what will happen in the series. The new episodes will be released on Halloween, October 31, 2017. With a lot of things going on to the official trailer of the second season, what will really happen in the show?

Eleven and the whole crew will make a comeback

Eleven was not shown that much in the trailer except for a blink and you will miss it close-up of her whole face which confirms that she will be back in the show sooner than everyone expected.

Plus, there was a part where there was a lot of Eleven's favorite food, Eggos, were shown. The gang could not stop ridding their bikes again. While wearing their "Ghostbusters" costume, Mike, Dustin, and Lucas are cycling fast again. There was a scene in the trailer as well showing the whole crew dressed up in “Ghostbusters” costume while looking straight at the camera.

Barb will not return in the second season

After "Stranger Things" Season 1 was finished, the hashtag #JusticeForBarb was started by the fans of the hit series. #JusticeForBarb became a trending topic. Fans felt that Barb did not get the respect for her death that she deserved. During his interview with TV Guide, one of the casts of the series, David Harbour, talked about the death of the well-loved character.

According to Harbour, the whole cast and crew of "Stranger Things" had no idea that Barb's character will take off in the way she did. From the character's glasses, the blouse she wore, the judgment, and the "is that a new bra" statement, they had no idea how much she would take off.

Everyone thinks that Barb's death is an unfair scene in the first season.

She was just looking for Nancy when she got suck into the Upsidedown and got killed by the alien monster. Although Barb will clearly not return in "Stranger Things" Season 2, which was also confirmed by Executive Producer Shawn Levy during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, her death will be honored in the second season.

Even if fans were speculating that Barb will return alive in “Stranger Things” Season 2, Levy confirmed that she will not. After having a creature in a form of slug, worm, and snake coming out of her mouth, Barb or anyone will not be able to bounce from that. Even if one of the fans' wish list is to bring Barb back to life in Season 2, Barb will not Come Back.

In addition, Harbour also mentioned that Barb was not given the justice she deserved in the first season since the first season was focused on Will and how he will be saved. However, as soon as the crew realized how important and impacting Barb's death was, fans of the series will see that Barb will be given the respect she deserves in the second season.