Filming has just commenced on the insanely popular Netflix TV show "Riverdale", and with that stinging cliffhanger from the last episode, 'The Sweet Hereafter' anything could happen! If you're after some real intriguing spoilers, this is the article you're after! If we remember correctly, season 1 ended with the shooting of main character Archie Andrew's father, Fred. Keneti Jay “K.J.” Apa who plays Archie revealed that things are going to get dark in the next series.


All hints so far point to Archie's father dying in the premier episode.

He is not present at the very first table reading - which is not a good sign for all those Fred Andrew's lovers. After learning who killed Jason Blossom (Trevor Stines) in the season finale of "Riverdale", we are introduced to a new puzzling mystery as Fred Andrews is shot by a masked assailant. Jughead Jones' (Cole Sprouse) narration confirms this was no random accident.

What to expect

1. A dark side to Archie? Producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa mentioned to Entertainment Tonight how our favorite ginger teen is going on a journey. That being said, it's hinted it will be a dark journey after his father's untimely demise. His focus will be very revenge based, with the majority of the season being focused on this new murder mystery.

2. No messing around, we're straight back into it. Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa spoke to The Hollywood Reporter regarding Archie’s journey into darkness, and how it will be the backbone of this season. Solving the mystery of who shot Fred will be fresh in everyone's mind in the premiere as we begin right where we left off.

3. Watch out, Riverdale!

During the first season, we are introduced to two sides of Riverdale, the so-called 'good' side (being the suburbs where Betty & Veronica live) and the 'dark' side, being South Riverdale. This is where Jughead is currently spending most of his time after his unfortunate transfer to South Riverdale High. Will this rivalry create some dark storylines for Jughead's future?

Furthermore, Jughead and Betty's relationship will be on the line this season.

4. The new Jughead Jones. Cole Sprouse teased in a TV Line interview that the whole show is becoming darker and more mysterious while adding some incredible new cinematic shots to the experience. Sprouse also teased how the whole show will be getting darker and stranger in the tone of season one's first episodes.

5. The birth of Polly’s twins. I'm not sure how I feel about this, I'm not sure anyone knows. I'd rather not dive into this subject as it's quite odd and dark with Riverdale's twist of incest... But nonetheless, TV Line confirms the twins will be born this series

6. Something bad is coming... Mark Consuelos will play Hiram Lodge, who is just a day away from getting out of prison to join the cast and create some more havoc.

Feeling confused? Catch up on season one!

The future of 'Riverdale'

Hiram Lodge is coming to the town of Riverdale, if you know who that is, then you'll understand that Riverdale most certainly will NOT be okay! Hiram is the mother of Archie's love interest, Veronica. Could this be a new obstacle for Archie to overcome, having to work for Veronica's fathers' approval? This season seems like a lot of pressure will be focused on Archie, as TV producers confirm the show is going to get a whole lot darker. We've learned that Hiram Lodge doesn't like Archie at all. There's been a conflict between the two families that has lasted decades. It will be interesting to see how well he fits into the show. However, I'm not surprised the show is taking an eerily dark turn next season if Hiram Lodge is going to be the main character!