Curtis Armstrong’s name may not ring a bell to the younger generation, but the character actor may be remembered by some as Tom Cruise’ co-star in “Risky Business.” The 63-year-old star spilled in his new memoir, “Revenge of the Nerd,” about Tom’s shocking behavior on the set of the 1983 film.

Curtis Armstrong certainly did not hold back spilling some juicy details about his famous co-star when writing his book. Curtis, after noting that he was a lot older than Tom while they played high school friends in the movie, revealed that the younger actor clearly loved the opposite sex, to the point of allegedly carrying an affair with his 23-year-old co-star at the time, Rebecca De Mornay.

Tom Cruise allegedly juggled religious beliefs and sexual acts

Before being the face of Scientology, Tom Cruise was a full-fledged born-again Christian, as revealed by Curtis Armstrong. However, despite his religious beliefs, the 54-year-old actor and producer is a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in real life. Curtis Armstrong re-enacted one of his conversations on the book with his co-star at the time. The actor shared that he invited his pal out for a drink but Tom Cruise quickly denied the offer, explaining that he had to study some lines and read the Bible before heading to bed.

While Tom Cruise may have led everyone to believe that he was a good, hardworking young man, Curtis claimed that he figured out that he was not that innocent at all, especially after what happened when he came back.

‘Mission: Impossible’ actor was doing his very own risky business on set

Curtis Armstrong revealed that, when he got back from the bar, he saw four young girls lining up outside Tom Cruise' room. The "Risky Business" actor, then, recalled that he was initially concerned that these girls might have hampered his co-star’s Bible reading, only to realize that another girl was already inside Tom’s room.

The young stud proved that these women were not interfering at all by bringing the first girl in the line back in his chamber.

Meanwhile, Tom Cruise dropped being a born-again Christian and seems to have now put his whole devotion to Scientology. The controversial church was allegedly the reason behind his failed marriage with Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes.

As a matter of fact, Tom is so loyal to Scientology that he has not seen his daughter Suri Cruise, for a long time after his divorce from the “Dawson’s Creek” actress.

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