"Shadowhunters" aired episode 13 of season 2 last night. The episode was filled with mystery, murder and a surprise hookup. Titled "Those of Demon Blood" the episode centered on a mysterious downworlder who was killing shadowhunters. The actions of the Clave nearly start a war between the Shadow world and the Down world.

The Clave go too far in their efforts to save shadowhunters

Jace's grandmother, Imogen Herondale, is Head of the Institute and acted ruthlessly in last night episode to save her people. From accusing Luke of murder, demanding that downworlders are chipped, and arresting Maia on suspicious claims, someone certainly got on the wrong side of the downworlders.

This nearly results in a war between the downworlders and the shadowhunters.

The Seelie murderer uses other downworlder weapons to make it appear that the Down World is revolting. Unfortunately, she is not discovered until the end of the episode meaning there is plenty time for Jace to make mistakes following his grandmother's lead. Jace is placed as the Head of Institute when the Inquisitor leaves for Idris. He continues to antagonize the downworlders and makes an easy enemy.

Meanwhile, Magnus and Alec's relationship encounters some bumps as Alec demands DNA from Magnus in order to protect him. As the episode continues and Izzy finds the Seelie murderer, Jace finds himself again and realizes he has been letting his desire for a family and his love for Clary cloud his judgment.

He instates Alec as the Head of Institute and with the murders solved, their work is done.

An unlikely pair: Jace and Maia hook up

Last night's episode of "Shadowhunters" spent a good amount of screen time establishing a relationship between Jace and Maia. The pair bantered back and forth, continuously grating on each other's nerves.

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In fact, the episode sees Jace trying to implant a tracker chip in Maia and him allowing her to be arrested by his grandmother on some rather unfounded claims. That is why their hookup at the end of the episode was a huge shock.

However, since the beginning, their interactions with each other have been soaked in mutual dislike.

This leads to the belief that their relationship will be a mutual using of one another, as it is clear Jace is still in love with Clary and Maia appears to retain feelings for Simon. The shocking pairing has been one of the biggest surprises all season and it will certainly be interesting to see what happens next.

The promo for next week's episode sees Clary, Jace, and Simon heading to the Seelie Queen. With the title "The Fair Folk," it will explore the Seelie Queen and her followers. The episode scheduled to air June 26.