NBC's popular series, “This is Us,” will poke at our tear glands again on September 26, 2017.

“We are excited to renew “This is Us” for two new seasons, the networks’ chief editor Jennifer Salke told THR earlier this month. Creator Dan Fogelman has once again assembled the cast, producers, and crew for the show that is a huge hit with viewers. Fans previously thought that the secret of Jack’s death would be revealed in the finale, but the script writers saved that for the new episodes. NBC reportedly scheduled the series for Thursday, September 29, but it retracted its statements and officially retained the Tuesday timeslot.

What to expect from the new episodes?

The most anticipated return on NBC is “This is UsSeason 2, which promises a resolution to the fight between Rebecca (Mandy Moore) and Jack (Milo Ventimiglia).

In an interview with UN Reality TV, Dan Fogelman spoke out about his plans for Jack’s character, who lost his life in the first season. There were a lot of problems between Rebecca and Jack, and fans wanted to know the reasons of Jack’s death.

How his life came to an end? Was Jack a victim of driving under the influence of drugs? Did someone kill him or he had a terminal disease? Fans were left unanswered, but Fogelman tells Digital Spy that the new season holds a lot of the remaining cards. It means we will soon get to know everything about Jack's death.

Series finale will have a happy ending

“This time the series finale will have a happy ending,” creator Dan Fogelman said in a statement to UN Reality TV.

In the previous season, it was not shown how Jack lost his life. The last few episodes only showed him driving to Rebecca’s concert. It’s too early to predict anything about the show, but it’s obvious that Fogelman has some interesting things in store that might keep fans talking and on their toes.

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This is Us,” featuring Mandy Moore, Chrissy Metz, Milo Ventimiglia, Chris Sullivan, Ron Cephas and Justin Hartley, explores the lives of several people who share the same birthday and the way in which they are similar and dissimilar. The critically acclaimed series has received nominations for Golden Globe Awards and Critical Choice Awards.

Earlier this year, NBC renewed “This is Us” for a total of 36 episodes, which have been divided into two seasons (18 episodes per season).

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