Picking up right after last week left off, Valentine has Simon and he uses Madzie to get inside the Institute. To get Clary’s attention, he sends her video messages of Simon to lure her to his side -- and the Soul Sword. Meanwhile, Alec is trapped inside the Institute with just Aldertree for an ally and Jace discovers he might be the key to destroying the Soul Sword in "By The Light Of Dawn."

Clary and Jace share a memory

When the two tell Magnus about the vision the angel showed them, he asks if they can show him. With a few choice words, the warlock is able to see the same vision they saw, and he realizes that it isn’t as straightforward as they thought.

According to Magnus, angels like their metaphors, and the vision didn’t involve an unknown demon, but instead, a representation of Jace being the one capable of destroying the sword.

It must be handy for Magnus to be able to clarify what someone means when they can’t explain themselves by seeing their memory. How much time would that save him from arguing about a misunderstanding? It’s a neat little trick.

Who is your favorite little warlock?

While we’re on the subject of warlocks, Magnus might have some competition in the favorite department. Madzie might be spending the episode doing Valentine’s dirty work, but that’s only because she wants her family back. She’s too young to really know any better.

She’s not so young though that she doesn’t stop to protect the people she likes. When she sucks all of the oxygen out of the room, she makes sure to send Alec into an elevator to protect him.

I definitely enjoy the addition of Madzie to the show. Magnus was able to save her just in the nick of time, so I hope we’ll get to see more of this precocious magic user.

She’s got immense power for someone her age and I love to see her get to work with Magnus a bit.

Jace has a plan

Jace and Luke head to the Institute, intending on Clary and Magnus staying safe in Magnus’ apartment. Of course, Clary doesn’t end up staying safe, but Jace’s plan still involves recruiting Downworlders to join in the fight against Valentine and masquerading as Clary to get close to Simon and Valentine.

Jace’s plan is a good one, but when you’re playing chess against a master, you have to think more than just one step ahead.

Jace takes it upon himself to grab the Soul Sword, a move that he, Magnus, and Clary have determined should destroy the weapon, but also kill him, as a result of his demon blood. It doesn’t, which is a foregone conclusion for those who have read the series of novels that inspired the show. The final moments of “By The Light Of Dawn” reveal what book readers have known all along -- Jace and Clary aren’t related at all.

This reveal will make plenty of audience members who like their relationship happy, but it would have been better for the show to allow that particular secret to fester for a while longer.

Clary just jumped into a relationship with Simon, she doesn’t need to immediately jump back to Jace now that it’s allowed.

A few lingering questions

What’s going on with Simon? Drinking Shadowhunter blood isn’t enough to make a vampire immune to sunlight or Raphael would be as well. So, what’s changed?

Who has the Soul Sword? A mysterious figure walked off with the sword in the middle of the fight with Valentine, but we don’t know who just yet.

Will Izzy ever forgive Raphael? He did hide her phone when her brother was in trouble, so it’s probably going to take a lot to earn her forgiveness.

The verdict and what’s next

Despite so much going on and teeing up the next half of the season, “By The Light of Dawn” moves incredibly slowly for a midseason finale, and I found myself waiting for the reveals to happen instead of enjoying the hour.

3 out of 5 stars.

Shadowhunters” fans will have to wait a couple months for more new episodes. The series returns on June 5, followed by the season three premiere of “Stitchers.”