A lot of fans were shocked when Netflix surprisingly canceled “Sense8,making its second season its final bow. This happened after the known streaming service also canceled Baz Luhrmann’s “The Get Down." The network has yet to reveal the reason for the cancellation, but a lot believed it is because of the show’s expensive production that costs a whopping $9 million per episode. Netflix's vice president of original content Cindy Holland revealed the network's official statement to the Hollywood Reporter citing their gratitude for everyone on the show.

The streaming giant's statement

"The story of the 'Sense8' cluster is coming to an end," Cindy Holland said in the statement. The show had to live to the streaming giant's expectation and what fans dreamed it would be. "Bold, emotional, stunning, kickass and outright unforgettable," she said describing the television series. It, too, is truly a global show that featured diversity and foreign international cast and crew.

“We thank Lana, Lilly, Joe, and Grant [Hill] for their vision,” she continued. She then gave her gratitude to all the people behind the science fiction drama, from its staff and crew, and to the talents they have shared and their commitment. In just two seasons, “Sense8” had 23 episodes and visited 16 cities and 13 countries.

Netflix, not living to its promise?

However, with the cancellation of “Sense8,” Variety reported that many now question which of Netflix's web series has the possibility to stay long and which will be axed. One unnamed TV literature agent even told the publication that it is not expected for the streaming giant to keep its shows forever.

But, it would be definitely nice to know what are its measures in canceling its programs. “But we’re not going to know that,” the mediator said.

Netflix has been known for not making its shows' ratings public compared to the other television and cable programs that reveal its Nielsen ratings. In response, the entertainment company explained that it is an “ad-free subscription service,” thus it is not required to reveal its statistics.

Moreover, the streaming service has promised to offer “higher volume of shows” to its subscribers, but to no avail. In fact, it remains to deliver more reality television series and stand-up comedy specials, which production costs are evidently much cheaper compared to the scripted web series.

The fans’ reaction and online petition

Meanwhile, since “Sense8” has been canceled, a lot of the show’s fans have been clamoring for the show's return. They even threaten Netflix to cancel their subscriptions if it doesn't do so. They, too, have been protesting on Twitter by using the hashtags, "Renew 'Sense8'" and "Bring Back 'Sense8,'" hoping to get the streaming giant’s attention. There are also emerging online petitions asking the network to continue the show's story.