Robert Pattinson was first to admit that he’s open to working with his former flame Kristen Stewart in the much requested “Twilight” reboot, which later fueled up several speculations claiming that the exes will be reuniting for the remake movie anytime soon. Is this true?

The pair has yet to confirm if the actual plan for a reboot is already underway, but knowing that the actor has apparently owned up his willingness to become part of another Twilightstory if given the chance to do so, it’s definitely not impossible that we may see the original vampire couple, Edward Cullen and Bella Swan back on board to continue the tale of their story once again.

How about Kristen Stewart?

As per the latest speculation reported by Celebeats, the 26-year old brunette actress is reportedly now ready to work with “The Lost City of Z” actor if another franchise takes place. While the brewing rumors about the reboot have now taken a spot in the headlines, the waiting game won’t be over until the two will give their final say.

It’s pretty clear everyone is excited to see what can be possibly in store if a continuation of the romantic- fantasy film does really push through. According to Celebeat, it has also been speculated that the “Twilight” stars have already set their decision to accept the offer of working together again as this will help them boost their respective careers in Hollywood.

It is not known yet if the “Cafe Society” actress will still be willing to take on the same role as Bella in the potential reboot following her decision to come out as gay earlier this year. Stewart, who is happily in a relationship with the Russian model Stella Maxwell, has yet to give her final say.

Will FKA Twigs approve?

After Pattinson and Stewart depicted their well-admired characters for the last time in “Twilight Saga” back in 2013, the fuzzy talk all pointed to the anticipated remake. Their fans are still longing to see their favorite vampire couple come together for a “Twilight” reboot in the future.

However, rumor has it that FKA Twigs may not give her approval.

Ever since the singer-songwriter got engaged to Robert Pattinson in 2015, the real-life couple has since been bombarded with a bunch of reports.

Pattinson and Stewart’s chemistry on screen is truly appealing and never gets old for their millions of fans and loyal followers, but the actor’s fiancé reportedly does not want to see her soon-to-be husband work with his ex-girlfriend again. There might not, therefore, be any chance to make it happen. Meanwhile, everything about the “Twilight” reboot will remain under wraps until creators of the mega-popular movie series give it the green light.