James Gunn is a known director for the "Guardians of the Galaxy" movie sequel. However, not everybody knew that he is also the man behind the screenplay of the 2002's live-action film, "Scooby Doo." June 14 marked the 15th year celebration of the live-action movie and Gunn took to Facebook for some surprising announcement. He shared that MPAA gave the film ratings as Rated R.

Despite the fact that the movie was based on a cartoon story, being a director and writer, he wanted to make a film that will most likely capture the interest of both kids and adults.

With this announcement, it turned out that Gunn made the way he wanted the film to be written. The simplest part of the film was more of adult-oriented and in which it warranted a Rated R rating.

Unexpected rating of MPAA

As the "Guardians of the Galaxy" director shared the news on Facebook, everyone was shocked and surprised on how such cartoon-based film earned a rated R rating. Perhaps, Gunn has added that the first cut of the movie was the only part to be given such rating. However, he never planned to go out that way. He added that he only wanted to have a more adult version of the film.

Meanwhile, the director also explained that MPAA had given such rating due to some parts of the film that featured about oral sex and a woman's cleavage.

Nevertheless, he had no intention to offend anyone of what he did in the screenplay. He also explained that he had lots of fun writing about the film and he only aimed to deliver the best live-action version of "Scooby Doo" back then.

Bad reviews

In one of his interviews, Gunn revealed that somehow he felt bad as he reads some of the bad reviews of "Scooby Doo." He was at the point where his career was being at stake of all the bad comments that he reads.

Nevertheless, the director-writer further shared that despite what happened he enjoyed writing for the live-action remake of the movie.

He further recalled the fun things which happened on the set in Australia which included Sarah Michelle Gellar and Prinze Jr. For him, it was one of the best experience he ever had being a screenplay writer.

With such experience, he also added that he looked at it as his means of self-improvement. Right now, he is already aware on what to write and what to avoid when writing for films.

Further, when Gunn was given another chance to write scripts for movies, he made use of it as a chance for him to improve and change the way he writes things. Amid all his bad experiences, his writing career began to take off greater heights.