The first full-length "Justice League" trailer for DC Comics hit on Saturday and was full of amazing action and some great humor. For some, it came as a surprise to see the humor and for others, they ridiculed the trailer because of a Marvel vs. DC bias. However, one person who doesn't hold a bias is "Guardians of the Galaxy" director James Gunn who said that he really liked the trailer for "Justice League."

The 'Justice League' Trailer

The new DC Comics trailer was the first one that showed five of the six members of the Justice League together for the first time.

The only member that wasn't shown was Superman, who died in "Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice" and whose resurrection is likely being held back as a surprise to many viewers. The trailer started off with Batman telling Wonder Woman that they needed to remain ready because an attack was coming from far away. That is when Wonder Woman says the attack is already here and then the trailer shows the arrival of the Parademons, which will lead to the eventual arrival of Darkseid. That is when Aquaman, Flash, and Cyborg are introduced, with Aquaman the highlight of the entire "Justice League" trailer.

James Gunn's optimism for the trailer

It really comes as no surprise that many people hated the trailer while others loved it.

The same thing happened with "Man of Steel" and "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice." However, when it comes to the people making the movies, there is an appreciation for the work. Joss Whedon made his two "Avengers" movies but, before that, he was trying to make "Wonder Woman." Now that "Justice League" is coming out, it is nice to hear someone from Marvel - especially the man who made the amazing "Guardians of the Galaxy" - heaping praise on it, even if just for the DC Comics trailer.

The new "Justice League" trailer is not the only one that James Gunn loves right now. Gunn also made comments this past week that he has seen the trailer for the upcoming Marvel Comics movie "Thor: Ragnarok," and called it the best Marvel trailer that has ever been released.