Rebecca Budig joined "General Hospital" in 2015. She initially signed a two-year deal and now, the time is up. Budig was well-received when she was brought to Port Charles as several viewers had watched her for years on the now-defunct "All My Children" as Greenlee Smythe. Watching the writers try to weave in Hayden Barnes was awkward, especially when they made her Elizabeth's (Rebecca Herbst) long-lost sister.

Exit rumors for Rebecca Budig

For a while now, there have been rumors circulating that Rebecca Budig would be exiting "General Hospital." According to Soap Central, Rebecca Budig is leaving "General Hospital." There are very little details surrounding the storyline for her exit, but this confirms the rumors that at least one character would be leaving the show this summer.

It is being said that Budig has already taped her final scenes which could mean her exit could be happening as early as mid-July.

Right now, "General Hospital" writers have placed Rebecca Budig's character in a pregnancy storyline. She is hooked up with Finn and they are planning to raise the baby together. Theories that she would lose the baby have been circulating and now, they could mean that she will be killed as well. Fans are hoping there will be some closure with her exit, especially because she hasn't been given awesome storylines over the last two years.

What is next for Budig?

As of now, Rebecca Budig has not made any comments regarding her "General Hospital" exit. It is unclear whether she will go to another soap in a new role or if she has any plans to do something else.

She does have a young daughter, and it is possible that she wants to spend more time with her. "General Hospital" has not put Budig front and center and the latest storyline had potential to be great but it just wasn't what fans had envisioned. There is plenty of sadness surrounding Budig leaving "General Hospital" and social media has been filled with good wishes for the actress.

Right now, all fans can do is wait and see where "General Hospital" took the Hayden Barnes character. If Rebecca Budig did indeed film her last scenes already, the next few weeks will tell the story. There are rumors that Michael Easton may exit alongside Budig and their characters could get their happily ever after off screen, but nothing has been confirmed. This is a surprising announcement but it is being said that when the show was on hiatus for a few weeks, Budig did say she would not be returning.