Maci Bookout has been very vocal about her ex-boyfriend's issues during the last few episodes of "Teen Mom OG." Fans had been concerned about Ryan Edwards for quite some time because of the way he appeared in the episodes. His eyes would bug out and it would appear that he was strung out. Bookout confirmed the issues a few weeks ago when she announced to her husband that she had received a call stating Edwards was in a bad way. After that, speculations began sweeping over social media.

Ryan Edwards leaves rehab

Earlier this month, it was reported that Ryan Edwards had checked himself into rehab.

In fact, the news broke almost immediately after the episode of "Teen Mom OG" where Maci Bookout mentioned his problem aired. Edwards also married his girlfriend, MacKenzie Standifer before he entered treatment. The date on which he entered treatment has not been made public but as of this past weekend, he was seen out and about with his wife and friends. Speculation is that he likely completed a 30-day program.

According to the Hollywood Gossip, Maci Bookout says her ex is doing well. She commented to a publication that he is focused on himself and if he needed her, she would be there. This is definitely surprising to fans because over the weekend, Ryan Edwards posted a very blunt meme to his Instagram about his "psycho" baby mama.

Fans were shocked to see something like that from him given how Bookout has appeared genuinely concerned. And while it could have been an act for the "Teen Mom OG" cameras, it is highly unlikely that Maci didn't actually care about what happened to Ryan.

What will MTV show on 'Teen Mom OG'?

Monday night is going to be the season finale of "Teen Mom OG." It appears that fans may get to see a part of the wedding of Ryan Edwards and MacKenzie Standifer.

It is unknown just how much of the situation is going to play out on the show. Jen Edwards commented that there was a story to tell but they were not speaking about it at the moment. This was an indication that the storyline might be playing out on "Teen Mom OG." The reunion was taped a few weeks back and that will air the week following the season finale.

Maci Bookout has been proactive about wanting her son's father to get help. She talked to her husband and her co-stars about the situation and this week's episode showed her getting advice from a counselor about how to approach the situation. Fans are supportive of her, though there is anticipation that the Edwards family may feel differently.