The next X-Men movie in the merry mutant franchise is tentatively titled "X-Men: dark phoenix." For fans of the comics, they know what that means as the "Dark Phoenix Saga" was the one where Jean Grey lost control of her senses at the control of the mythic Phoenix Force and almost destroyed the world. That makes the recent news that the movie will include one of the kitschiest characters from the X-Men Universe - the Dazzler.

The Dazzler

For anyone who doesn't read comics, Dazzler is Alison Blaire, a mutant with a power that really seems worthless at first.

She can take sound vibrations and turn them into light nad energy beams. This is perfect for her since she is not so much a superhero as she is a pop singing Diva who uses her powers to create laser light shows for her concerts.

Dazzler originally appeared in her own comic book series in the '80s and then later was members of both the X-Men and the mutant spin-off comic Excaliber. Originally, Dazzler was just created to be a disco-styled superhero similar to the comics released at the time where the rock band KISS was superheroes.

The character of Dazzler was never important to Marvel and she disappeared almost completely until 2010, where she made random appearances. However, in 2015, Dazzler returned to prominence in an all-female team called A-Force and now she is appearing in an X-Men movie.

"X-Men: Dark Phoenix"

Fans of the X-Men movie franchise knows that Fox tried to do the Dark Phoenix Saga in "X-Men: The Last Stand." That movie is one of the two most hated X-Men universe movies (along with "X-Men Origins: Wolverine"), mostly because of how it completely screwed up the entire story by shoehorning it in with the running Magneto story and a mutant cure storyline.

However, the Dark Phoenix Saga is still one of the biggest and most important storylines in Marvel Comics history - a moment where a beloved, longtime hero went too far and died for the betterment of mankind. There is some big information released that indicates that this time, Fox might get it right.

The biggest recent news is that "X-Men: Dark Phoenix" producers have reportedly spoken to Jessica Chastain to play Empress Lilandra - the leader of an interstellar group of warriors called the Shi'ar that set out to kill Jean Grey after she slaughters an entire world.

Taylor Swift

The last bit of news here is just a little fun. There are rumors that "X-Men: Dark Phoenix" might reach out to Taylor Swift about playing Dazzler. The recent news though indicates that Fox is not planning to seriously chase Swift for the role. The reason for the rumors was a scene from "X-Men: Apocalypse" where Cyclops shows Jean Grey a Dazzler record with what appears to be Taylor Swift on the cover as the character.