"Teen Mom OG" star Ryan Edwards is smack in the middle of his own little drug scandal. The last few seasons of the show have shed light on the fact that he has some issues. Edwards has looked out of it on several occasions with his eyes being "bugged out." Fans have openly talked about their assumptions but the actual issue has never been addressed on the show until recently.

Maci Bookout reveals all

Last Monday's episode of "Teen Mom OG" confirmed what everyone had been thinking. Maci Bookout revealed that Ryan Edwards was indeed in need of an intervention because of drug use.

She was in Puerto Rico with Amber Portwood and Catelynn Lowell and told them what was going on. The details were scarce but she mentioned that she was going to ask Edwards to get help. There was a chance he would do rehab and Bookout wanted what was best for her son's father. Last week, Maci was talking to her husband, Taylor McKinney about the things she found out about Ryan, but didn't specify anything while on camera. That is what got the ball rolling on confirming there was a substance abuse issue, one that needed attention.

According to E! Online, Ryan Edwards has been in rehab for two weeks. There were no details given about what substance he is being treated for, but speculation is prescription pain pills or meth.

The news comes just one week after the issues Edwards faced were thrown out into the public by his ex-girlfriend, Maci Bookout. Earlier this week, Jen and Larry Edwards commented about having a story to tell but they said they could not do it at this time. Fans became suspicious of this, and now, it all makes sense.

Where were the people who care about him?

Ryan Edwards has looked strung out for at least two seasons on "Teen Mom OG." Fans have been commenting about it a lot, and it was always ignored or swept under the rug. There are a lot of questions about where Jen and Larry Edwards were while their son was getting into trouble and how his soon-to-be-wife, MacKenzie Standifer didn't act immediately to help him.

A lot of assumptions are being made based off what was shown on "Teen Mom OG," but no real information has been released.

The "Teen Mom OG" reunion is being taped this weekend, and there will likely be an update about Ryan Edwards with that. Fans are expecting a statement to be issued soon, especially with the vicious things being said about the situation. MacKenzie Standifer commented about the hatred and asked that people instead pray for them.