"Rick and Morty" season 3 aired its first episode back on April Fool’s Day. Since April, Fans had speculated that the series would air another episode, but they were saddened when none of its latest episodes were aired. However, a report from Christian Today revealed that episode 2 would be aired sometime this summer. Eventually, this will ease the agony of the fans who long to see the comeback of "Rick and Morty". Further, it is also believed that one of the series characters, Mr. Meeseeks, will cease to join the new installment.

Mr. Meeseeks is out of the cast

"Rick and Morty" season 3, episode 2, will center on "Rickmancing the Stone" and it is set to be aired next month.

However, it has been revealed that the character of Mr. Meeseeks is no longer part of the third installment. Ryan Ridley, the series writer, shared to Craig Cannon through Y Combinator Podcast, that Mr. Meeseeks will temporarily be out from the episode.

Further, Ridley added that they would try to bring back his character in the later episode; however, he further revealed that they also wanted to explore the different side of the story. They wanted to show what has been inside the Meeseeks box and the writer believed that it would really be cool for fans to see it.

On the contrary, Dan Harmon had also spoken about this character. He also added that they would be forcing the appearance of some characters in the season 3 installment.

Beth and Jerry's divorce

Despite the news that one of the characters will be out this season, Ridley also shared some spoilers on what will happen next to the upcoming episodes. He revealed that the story would also center on the divorce of Beth and Jerry. In line with this, "Rick and Morty" will also face some consequences for the actions they did in the past.

Further, the upcoming episode 2 is said to be a pun of adventures. There are also hints that upcoming episodes will be a little darker for the characters. Whatever it is, fans couldn't help but feel excited about its airing. Meanwhile, the "Rick and Morty" season 3 is believed to have 14 episodes which are way longer compared to the previous season of 11 episodes.

Meanwhile, the series creators had apologized for the delay of the season. To recall, writers had a hard time to complete the story, and it has taken them long to complete it. Nonetheless, fans are still looking forward that season 3 is coming on TV in not much a long time of waiting. Fans will be most likely to forget all the anxiety of the delay when upcoming episodes start airing.

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