The fandom has been waiting for news about the official Release Date of the second episode of the third installment of Rick and Morty, but haven’t gotten any solid answer in this regard. We’re here to give you those answers.

Welcome to the darkest year of Rick & Morty's adventures!

Reports claim that S03E02 titled Rickmancing the Stone (a reference to the 1984 classic, "Romancing The Stone") won’t be out officially until early July. Although episode 1 did mighty justice to the long wait since the season 2 finale and gave us a good glimpse of what may lay ahead and what to expect, the wait continues to further stretch.

All for a good cause though.

The season premiere showcased the ingeniously crafted escape of Rick Sanchez from prison while totaling the Citadel of Ricks and the complete annihilation of the Galactic Federation in the process. Quite the dramatic escape we had all been willing to see. The season premiere further went on to showcase monumental changes in the Smith family, with the moving out of Jerry Smith.

Fans are expected to prepare themselves for what might be the immediate future of the Smith's, minus Jerry, of course. We can only imagine the aftermath of it, and how it will affect the overall family dynamics. "Welcome to the darkest year of our adventures. The first thing that's different, no more dad, Morty", says Rick towards the end of S03E01.

This is sure to be one hell of a ride, true to the word hell in every sense imaginable.

Spoiler alert. Proceed to read further on your own Rickity risk.

As we mentioned earlier, the second episode 'Rickmancing the Stone' is a reference to the classic rom-com Romancing the Stone. The plot of the movie revolves around a writer teaming up with a mercenary in attempts to save his beloved sister.

We’re all well aware that if there is anything that is important to Morty, it is family. There is a good reason to speculate that Summer Smith will be in grave and life-threatening danger, and Morty will seek Rick’s help in saving her from whatever danger befalls her.

"Rick and Morty" will have to overcome whatever difference they might have had or might develop due to the recent change in events in order to successfully overcome all odds stacked against them.

Although it may seem that the dream team have seen everything and are prepared for the worst, something tells us that the worst isn’t here yet and we haven’t even seen the tip of the iceberg. At this rate, we only wish July came faster. The comforting fact, however, is that there are millions waiting for us. We’re all in this together.