It seemed like only yesterday when super diva Beyonce announced last February that she was pregnant with husband Jay-Z Carter and that she has twins. Naturally social media went alive with congratulations and commentary about Queen Bey and her soon to expand family. Updates on the singer’s condition over the past few months came in like clockwork despite her keeping a low profile. She had publicized her intentions of giving birth to her babies at home. To that end, the Carter mansion was recently converted into a maternity ward, to have the advantages of a hospital delivery for the big day.

The wait finally came to an end on Sunday when the Twins finally came into the world.

Quiet beyond the birth

Beyoncé and Jay-Z, who tied the knot way back in 2008, are already parents to a five-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy Carter. Last June 18 Blue Ivy became a big sister with the arrival of her twin younger siblings. Note the gender-neutral term; other than the fact that the children have been born there has been no further information on them, not even their names or even their genders. The wait for when more things will be revealed about the latest additions to the Carter family has been quite suspenseful.

The queen of the Bey-hive was an absolute camera darling during her pregnancy days. When she attached a photo of herself in a sheer clothing number and surrounded by flowers to her preggy announcement on Instagram, said pic went on to break the record for most likes on that social media platform. A series of follow-up photos of the star showing off her baby bumps continued to draw attention on Instagram and said platform got all the good shots taken of Beyoncé during her star-studded baby shower back in May.

Social media congratulations

Needless to say, Beyoncé was once again a social media hot topic with the birth of her and Jay-Z’s newest babies. Greetings and well-wishes were already pouring in from family, friends, celebrities and the greater Bey-hive even before the epic moment. Leading the charge of congratulations was none other than Mathew Knowles, Beyoncé’s father, who got to tweet his greetings “from granddad”.

With the new blackout considering the Carter twins’ names and gender, the fans were extremely inquisitive about these secrets, one of them snarking to Beyoncé on Twitter that her followers have been “pregnant” with the diva much too long for comfort.

The most eagerly anticipated moment at this point, according to another Twitter fan, would be an Instagram update with a picture of Mama Beyoncé with her twins, which may have a chance to eclipse her pregnant pic as “the greatest photo of all time".